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Stark differences between what Pat Riley and Bryan Colangelo represent

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010


One has a slew of NBA Championships to his credit, thus far.

The other, to this point, has none.

One has been a highly-rated college player, a solid NBA role player, a lauded head coach, a reknowned motivational speaker/author and ‘Leadership Expert’, and is now a well-regarded Team President.

The other is a 2-time recipient of the NBA’s EOTY Award.

One represents an “individual” principal owner with exceptionally deep pockets who has already put together 1 world championship team and is willing to pay the asking price to become a legitimate contender, once again.

The other represents an ownership “group” that … despite a diverse set of financial holdings … has as its primary objective the making of a healthy profit for its corporate stakeholders.

One speaks definitively, peppering his everyday language with words and phrases like these:


Riley’s master free agent plan started years ago

“I think it will be equivalent to a space shuttle launch,” Riley said back in May, shortly after the season ended and the Heat summer of 2010 began. “Everybody who’s covering the day it’s going to get launched, you never know [how] it is until they hit the button. When they hit the button, a lot of things explode down underneath to lift the rocket up.”“We have been in this for two years.”

“I know what I’m going to do.”


The other … although equally polished, in his own way, from a media-savvy perspective … is more prone to use words and phrases like these:


Bosh likely to leave Colangelo says

“We will get to a point where there’s a conclusion to this one way or the other. It’s the perfect storm for Chris Bosh to leave and unfortunately we’re possibly going to be on the short end of that, but we will evolve. We will have to evolve and move forward.”


The question is …

Q1. If you were to put yourself in the shoes of a relatively youngish, talented, marquee player in the NBA, for which of these two General Managers and, therefore, their respective owners and organizations, would you choose to work during the next crucial middle – i.e. maximum performance – phase of your professional career, as a world-class athlete?

A1. If your No. 1 priority, as a professional athlete, truly is having the opportunity to win-it-all … then, it isn’t really even a contentious debate.