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R.I.P., famed No. 88

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

John Mackey epitomizes every aspect of the NFL, i.e. good, bad and otherwise.

The Death of a Football and Union Legend

John Mackey’s death is a tragedy that should remind us of both the price paid by players past for decent wages and benefits and the price every player pays once the cheering stops. As the NFL owners continue to insist on longer seasons and benefit cuts, we should all remember that it’s the players who bear the scar tissue of America’s twenty-first-century pastime. No one should have to be martyred to play this game. Every player now bears an obligation to carry the memory of John Mackey forward so no family ever has to bear the weight that his family was forced to bear with such remarkable grace.


To yours truly, however, he will forever be remembered as, A Peerless Titan Of The Game.