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You never leave your teammates hanging out to dry like that, no matter what

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

What’s the game of basketball really all about?

Here’s a web site with a simple message that Mr. Andray Blatche … and, no doubt, countless others, as well … would be well-served to visit:

The Desease of Me

When it becomes all about YOU, then, you’ve lost your way in life.


“That’s one of the greatest things about this sport … you know … you look to the right, you look to the left … it’s, it’s being in the trenches with those players … and, what happens is, as players, you know what you have … right now, those teammates, he’s lost their credibility. You know … what’s going to happen, being in the trench, what’s going to happen when things go bad? I mean, you can’t do those things … you can’t do those things.” 
- Flip Saunders [Head Coach, Washington Wizards]

Kudos to Flip … for simply cutting to the chase.

Toronto Raptors Season Preview: Game 19

Monday, October 19th, 2009

re: How an astute NBA observer might expect the first part of the schedule to unfold for the Raptors this year

Game 19 – vs Washington [Tue Dec 01]











DeRozan *





Turkoglu $^


















Jack #



Foye ^


Belinelli ^





Wright ^



Miller ^


Evans ^





Nesterovic $













Johnson ^



Oberto $















Legend: ADV – Individual match-up advantage; * - 2009 NBA Draftee; ^ - Acquired via trade; # – Restricted free agent; #M – Restricted free agent, matched offer; $ – Unrestricted free agent; $R – Unrestricted free agent, re-signed; $^ – Acquired via Sign & Trade; Italics – Returning player; ? – Injured, status uncertain.

Despite the small individual match-up advantage that the Wizards have in this game, the Raptors should be ble to emerge with the victory, on their home-court.

Washington plays at home on the Sat Nov 28 [vs Charlotte] then has 2 off days before beginning a stretch of 4 games in 6 days that looks like this:

Tue Dec 01 at TOR
Wed Dec 02 vs Mil
Fri Dec 04 vs Tor
Sun Dec 06 vs Det

only 1 of which is on the road. Expect the Wizards to play well at home in these games and mail it in on the road.

Raptors expected W-L Record: W, 7-12

What Mr. Bigshot meant to the Pistons

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

There’s a good reason yours truly constructed these two separate player lists … A [Dec 19, 2007] & B [Jan 30, 2008] … during the 2007-2008 NBA season.


Billups leaving bigger impression: Pistons, fans now feeling guard’s loss

Here, he was Mr. Big Shot, the calming leader, but as the Pistons failed to reprise their championship, Billups’ postseason performance came under scrutiny. To be frank, the Pistons didn’t appear capable of winning it all as assembled, and some people even think Dumars waited too long to break them up, which is ridiculous.

At 32, with six terrific seasons here, Billups thinks they were broken up too soon, which is debatable.

“Yep, I do,” he said. “People said I’d gotten old, but I truly believe, if I hadn’t gotten hurt (hamstring), we’d have beaten Boston and won another championship.”


13 months later … and, all things being equal … this corner is in complete agreement with Chauncey Billups’ interpretation of what actually transpired during the 2008 Eastern Conference Playoffs and still considers him to be one of the very best Point Guards in the NBA today.

Sheed … unplugged

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Did you know there’s juice served on the mountaintop?

Or, that it’s important to ride with the ship, no matter what?

If not … then listen up.

Courtesy of


As this corner has pointed out several times before … things are going to be different for the Detroit Pistons this year.

“I mean, Guys respected him; guys looked up to him. Mike knows the game … you know, if you know the game of basketball then I think coaching can come easy to you … but everyone that’s a coach don’t know the game of basketball.”Rasheed Wallace


So, so true.

NBA owner No. 1

Friday, September 5th, 2008

In so many different ways … and, crucially, some of THE ones which matter most …

(for example)

* I depend, 100%, on the people who are in charge of whatever they’re in charge of. And nobody has run the Pistons better than Joe [Dumars].

* The reason I get rid of a coach is if he’s lost the players. I don’t want to subject my players to a coach they don’t want, basically and in whom they have lost faith.

* I’ve been living with this for 30 years or more, I don’t see color. I don’t distinguish color anymore, which is a good thing. Thirty years ago, I might have. But by being with the players, getting to know them, if you asked me do we have a white player on the team, I couldn’t tell you — well, I could tell you, but it wouldn’t make any difference. I get to know the personality much more than the color of the skin. Color means nothing.

Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson

this Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee [2008] fits the Bill Laimbeer to a tee.

Aptly described as “honest, direct, self-assured, and charming” by Mitch Albom, this is the first extensive interview this correspondent can recall by the octogenarian owner of the Pistons and the Shock.

And, it’s a beaut.

Bill Davidson Speaks … on Isiah, Laimbeer, Joe D., Rasheed, Race, He who is not what he appears to be, Carlisle, Flip, Curry, NBA Owners, NBA Referees, Hugh Evans, tips of icebergs, the City of Detroit, Politics & Business, the Commish, etc.


Detroit @ Boston, Game 1 … post mortem

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

On the heels of Chauncey Billups’ hamstring injury and the extended break the Pistons had following their 2nd Round Playoff Series (4-1 vs Orlando), last night’s outcome was actually a solid ‘Game 1′ performance for Detroit, down only 6 pts (i.e. a two possession game) in the 4th Q with under 5 minutes left to play.

Tayshaun Prince’s post-game break down for Game 1
Flip Saunders nails it: post-game break down for Game 1
Game 1: Boxscore
Game 1: Full Play-By-Play

(3rd Quarter)

Prince (3 TO) 11:40
McDyess (1 TO) 10:07
Billups (2 TO) 7:12
Hamilton (1 TO) 6:06
McDyess (2 TO) 5:40
Hamilton (2 TO) 3:48
Hamilton (3 TO) 1:54

If the Pistons can start better in Game 2, with heightened aggressiveness from Billups (looking for his own shot more in his 1v1 match-up with Rondo), limit the Celtics’ interior scoring, and increase their own ball movement … without turning the ball over 7 times in a single quarter … tomorrow’s contest will be decided on the final possession.

NBA Playoffs Conference Finals Preview

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Eastern Conference Finals



By the Numbers

QIR – #1 (6)
Points Differential Rank – #1
Points Allowed Rank – #2
Rebounding Differential Rank – #3

QIR – #2 (10)
Points Differential Rank – #2
Points Allowed Rank – #1
Rebounding Differential Rank – #7

Basketball Acumen

Still the team to beat in the East with home court advantage. Team D is The Story, fuelled by KG. Must find a way to shake lose Ray Ray on Offense. Easier said than done. Key Match-up: Doc Rivers vs Flip Saunders, especially, during the last 6 minutes of each game.

Good enough to win the series. Quality depth is outstanding. Top notch young players will need to continue stellar play. Rodney Stuckey (PG) is the Real Deal. Must assert their collective will to match the Celtics on the glass. Key Match-up: ‘Good’ Sheed vs ‘Bad’ Sheed.

Who will win

It’s going to go 7 games and it’s just too close to call. 


Western Conference Finals



By the Numbers

QIR – #10 (30)
Points Differential Rank – #3
Points Allowed Rank – #19
Rebounding Differential Rank – #8

QIR – #7 (23)
Points Differential Rank – #8
Points Allowed Rank – #3
Rebounding Differential Rank – #12

Basketball Acumen

Will need to out-score the Spurs. Bench must continue to score, making open shots. Key Match-up: Kobe vs Ginobili. Without Bynum, should be the underdog in this specific match-up. Must improve interior D to have a chance. Ariza’s D & Rebounding will be missed. Will go as far as the MVP takes them.

The Heart of a Champion. Quality depth is first rate. Versatile and physical. Veteran role players know what it takes to win. Will win the series if they can dominate the glass. Team ethos is the best in the League. Key Match-up: Gregg Popovich vs Phil Jackson, the two best coaches in the NBA today.

Who will win

It’s going to go 7 games … and it’s just too close to call. 



NBA wisdom from Flip

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Anyone who thinks that NBA head coaches do not have a keen sense of humour …  

Pistons clinch Central with victory over Heat

“Those guys had nothing to lose, and they were going to try to prove some things – earn a roster spot or secure things for next year,” Pistons coach Flip Saunders said. “We executed down the stretch. Any time you hold a team, I don’t care who it is, to 24 points in the second half, you have a chance to win.”

… simply hasn’t read enough of their post-game quotes.