Misplaced ‘blame’ on David Stern for current NBA Lockout is simply ‘wrong’

Exhibit A

Blame Stern if push comes to shove in NBA talks

All hell’s going to break loose on Manhattan’s East Side Tuesday, and David Stern has been asking for this agent uprising from the beginning of these labor talks. He’s been asking for the fight of his life, and maybe, the implosion of his sport when this should be a golden time. So, stop the preening, stop the end-zone dance and make those rich guys start to stare at their shoes again. For once, be the commissioner of the NBA, not just the owners. Enough’s enough, bully.

Exhibit B

Owners get what they want, will now wait for the players to crumble

… we’re once again going to call on David Stern to act as commissioner of the National Basketball Association, and not his owners’ lead legal counsel. This is for the good of the game, and the myriad economic ripples that surround it in every NBA city and even the homes featuring men and women whose livelihoods are tangentially reliant on NBA games to put food on the table. We’re yelling at Stern for doing his job.



Q1. When solid writers like Adrian Wojnarowski and Kelly Dwyer both swing and miss, placing blame for the current NBA lockout on the League Commissioner, David Stern, what hope is there really for the average fan to understand the major problems properly?

A1. Not much, when you get down to the bottom line.

The simple and unfortunate facts of the matter in this case are:

1. David Stern WORKS for the NBA owners.

2. David Stern does NOT work for the NBA Players Association.

3. David Stern does NOT work “for the good of the [NBA] game.”

4. Billy Hunter WORKS for the NBA Players Association.

5. Billy Hunter does NOT work “for the good of the NBA game.”

6. Adrian Wojnarowski WORKS for Yahoo! Sports.

7. Adrian Wojnarowski does NOT work “for the good of the NBA game.”

8. Kelly Dwyer WORKS for Yahoo! Sports.

9. Kelly Dwyer does NOT work “for the good of the NBA game.”

10. Those with “vested interests” on either side of an acrimonious labour discussion rarely, if ever, have an unbiased perspective on what would actually constitute a “fair deal” from the perspective of both sides, i.e. A) Management, and B) Labour.

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2 Responses to “Misplaced ‘blame’ on David Stern for current NBA Lockout is simply ‘wrong’”

  1. sankofa Says:

    Those are good points. Still what is your assessment of the current strife based on the information put out by both sides and what do you think are the fly in the ointment?

  2. khandor Says:


    The NBA can maintain its current lockout for as long as it wants. It is truly quite irrelevant to me … until the games are actually played once again.

    IMO, it is a waste of time to speculate about who is right and who is wrong without knowing all of the details involved with a specific situation. Let the 2 parties involved in the actual situation work our their own difficulties for themselves … unless, of course, you are someone specifically who has been asked to intervene in some way, based on your own level of expertise … and simply wait patiently for a resolution to occur. By focusing on what each of us can actually control in this world, we would all be a great deal better off, in comparison with the way far too many people try to operate today, i.e. by sticking their nose in where it does not belong.

    The NLCS and ALCS are in full swing. Hockey season has begun, and it is Week 6 in the NFL.

    I am a sports fan, my friend, and there are still plenty of games to be played elsewhere. :-)

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