A chief reason coaching matters a great deal, in the NBA, when it comes to distinguishing championship-winning teams from everyone else

Given the resources which Miami had to work with this season, the Heat should have been able to capture this year’s NBA championship.

There’s a very good reason, however, games actually need to be played before an authentic Championship TEAM can be crowned.

From the start to the end of this season:

Mark Cuban [Owner]

Donnie Nelson [General Manager]

Rick Carlisle [Head Coach]

Dirk Nowitzki [Player Leader #1]

Jason Terry [Player Leader #2]

Jason Kidd [Player Leader #3]

Shawn Marion [Key Role Player #1]

Tyson Chandler [Key Role Player #2, vital off-season addition]

DeShawn Stevenson [Key Role Player #3]

JJ Barea [Key Role Player #4]

Brendan Haywood [Key Role Player #5]

and each member of the Mavericks’ supporting cast:

Caron Butler [injured]
Peja Stojakovic
Brian Cardinal
Ian Mahinmi
Corey Brewer
Rodrigue Beaubois
Dominique Jones

did a fantastic job! … learning lessons from years gone by and then implementing specific practices which eventually contributed to their team’s major on-court success.

Throughout the 2nd half of yesterday’s game, it was readily apparent that the Dallas Mavericks actually had THE LEVEL OF COLLECTIVE BELIEF which is necessary to surmount all obstacles and claim a League Championship

In the game of basketball … which, incidentally, cannot be played without a properly designated ‘coach’, according to the rules … this COLLECTIVE BELIEF is rooted, fundamentally, in only 1 person, who occupies a position at the heart of the organizational flow chart and, therefore, is [in fact] capable of positively effecting each member of ‘the collective’, both, above AND below him, in a positive way, which can then put the team in the best position possible to achieve major on-court success through the actions of their players.

Kudos to Rick Carlisle! … who, for a long time now, has simply been one of the best coaches in the NBA.


Carlisle pushed all of the right buttons

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