YOU MAKE THE CALL: Would authentic ‘top notch’ GM be willing to acquire Derrick Williams, in exchange for DeMar DeRozan?

According to recently published reports, the Toronto Raptors are either:

A. Actively in the running to acquire Derrick Williams [SF-PF], via trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves [who currently hold the rights to the No. 2 [overall] Selection in the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery], in exchange for DeMar DeRozan [OG-SF];


B. Not actively in the running to acquire Derrick Williams, since DeMar DeRozan is not actually being offerred to Minnesota in a trade package involving the Timberwolves’ rights to the No. 2 Selection in this year’s NBA Draft Lottery.

Which of these different reports is, in fact, accurate is of little consequence to yours truly.

What is pertinent, however, is whether or not an authentic “top notch” GM in the NBA would actually make this deal, on behalf of the Toronto Raptors, if the Timberwolves’ GM [i.e. David Kahn] is, in fact, willing to go for it. 

Derrick Williams is 20 years of age, 6-7, 248 and plays the game like this:

DeMar DeRozan is 22 years of age [as of August], 6-7, 220 and plays the game like this:


Would an authentic 'top notch' NBA GM be willing to acquire Derrick Williams in exchange for DeMar DeRozan?

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According to this corner:

1. Jerry West, RC Buford, Pat Riley, Danny Ainge, Joe Dumars, and Mitch Kupchak are in the small group of ‘top notch’ GMs in the NBA today;

2. Demar DeRozan is similar to Vince Carter [OG-SF, 6-6, 220], while Derrick Williams is similar to Paul Pierce [SF, 6-7, 235]; and,

3. The correct answer to this poll question is an unequivocal,

Yes, indeed … in less than a single heart-beat.”

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2 Responses to “YOU MAKE THE CALL: Would authentic ‘top notch’ GM be willing to acquire Derrick Williams, in exchange for DeMar DeRozan?”

  1. Statement Says:

    I would hope that Derozan’s upside is Vince Carter (minus the personality, of course).

  2. Scott G Says:

    Interesting that you project Williams as a pure 3… I saw him live at the PAC-10 tournament and was very impressed with his athleticism and motor, but he also showed some nice skills (particularly shooting the ball).

    Williams is very physical, so I see the comp to Pierce in that department, and perhaps he can develop the same kind of perimeter skills that Pierce did (although I would argue Pierce was more skilled at KU). A small forward with Williams’s body and motor would be pretty scary.

    That said, I think he is strong and aggressive enough to play the 4 initially. I also think you’re underselling his height a little bit (you have he and DD as the same height above, and I don’t think that’s true), and he seems to have long arms. I think he can be effective as an undersized 4 as well, because of his quickness and offensive skill (along with adequate strength at that position), and that’s where I think he’d have to start, at least on the offensive end. Just not sure he has the perimeter skills to play the 3 in the NBA just yet, although only time will tell.

    Would unquestionably be an upgrade over DD, who has not developed at all, to my eye. Still a shaky jumper, shaky handle, questionable focus on defense (notwithstanding an ability to make spectacular plays from time to time), and explosive slashing ability when he puts his mind to it. Not a complete offensive player, and without a solid defensive focus (which could be as much a product of his environment as anything), he’s not of much value to an elite team.