When NBA reporters, stats gurus and fans take center stage …


Exhibit A

The Correct Answers To The 10 Questions Asked by Henry Abbott

Q1. Play of the Game?

A1. The Team Defense which Miami played on Dallas’ 2nd last possession when the Heat collectively forced a crucial TO from the Mavs’ best player at crunch-time.

Q2. True or false … Chris Bosh hammed it up a little bit with the eye injury?

A2. False. The man’s left eye was partially closed for the balance of the game. That does not happen without an actual injury occurring to the eye. [Kudos to Hollinger.]

Q3. On scale of 1 to 10, how amazing is it that Tyson Chandler went a whole half without fouling?

A3. 1. Good players actually know how to play the game without committing unnecessary fouls … and, while still maintaining an adequate level of aggressiveness … if the situation dictates that this is how they must play in order to have the team succeed. Tyson Chandler is a relatively good basketball player.

Q4. How amazing is it that Chris Bosh hit the game-winner?

A4. 1. If you are an astute basketball observer, and have watched countless hours of games played by Misters Wade, James, Bosh, Haslem and Chalmers, and acknowledge that Rick Carlisle is, in fact, one of the best coaches in the NBA today, then, in all likelihood, you knew, in advance, that either Chris Bosh or Mario Chalmers would be the most likely Heat players to score a FG in that specific situation … given the way the Mavs were probably going to defend against the high middle pick with the ball in D-Wade’s hands.

Q5. Same scale … Dirk was lousy in crunch-time; how amazing was that?

A5. 1. Dirk was anything but lousy in crunch-time. [Kudos to Hollinger.]

Q6. Dwyane Wade is clearly back; he was back last game. What was wrong with him? He had some bad games for a while; do you think he was injured, or just no one’s perfect all the time?

A6. It’s important to look at more than “just scoring points” when evaluating “What constitutes a bad performance is from a specific player.” It is simply not an accurate description to suggest that Wade “had some bad games for a while,” because he may have shot a lower percentage than usual or scored fewer points, in general.

Q7. Better defender, Dirk or Bosh?

A7. Bosh … by a wide margin. [Kudos to Adande.]

Q8. Dirk, better shooting off the catch or off the dribble?

A8. Off the catch … by a wide margin. [Kudos to Adande, re: off balance. :-) ]

Q9. True or false … Udonis Haslem guards Dirk better than anyone?

A9. False. Kevin Garnett, when healthy, guards Dirk Nowitzki better than anyone else in the NBA.

Q10. True or false … This series is over?

A10. True. Miami is going to win this year’s NBA Championship.

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3 Responses to “When NBA reporters, stats gurus and fans take center stage …”

  1. Travis Says:

    “A10. True. Miami is going to win this year’s NBA Championship.”

    Dallas Mavericks 2010- 2011 NBA Champs. Looks like you’re WRONG Khandor!!! How does that feel to be wrong?

  2. Travis Says:


  3. khandor Says:


    1. Welcome aboard!

    2. Unfortunately … Being wrong, on occasion, goes with the territory, if/when you’re in the business of making accurate ‘forecasts’ prior to specific athletic events actually happening.

    3. The true mark of a champion isn’t in never, ever losing … but, rather, in being able to bounce back from different set-backs and do what’s necessary to eventually win whatever it is you happen to be ‘playing for’.

    Here’s a quote from The Great Vincent Thomas Lombardi, legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers:

    I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”

    It’s a good one to remember, at all times.

    Cheers :-)

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