What Bargnani is really worth, on the open market … According to the TrueHoop Network

Last week, in this space, the following question was asked:

What is Andrea Bargnani [C] really worth, on the open market?

Well …

One week later, according to the TrueHoop Network:

[and, unfortunately, for Raptors fans]


Eastern Conference
Atlantic Division
BOS Celtics Hub No response
PHI Philadunkia While all of us here agree that Bargnani is a great offensive weapon, we really don’t see him as a great fit for the Sixers. If the Sixers are going to acquire a big, he has to be someone who can bang, play tough defense and grab rebounds. The Sixers got man-handled in the paint this year (at both ends of the floor) and the big they add has to address that need. AB doesn’t really fit that description.Also because both teams are over the salary cap, we’d probably need a third team to get involved to have any realistic chance at a deal.But GTH we would send you Brand, Speights and Brackins for AB, Calderon and Derozen. But I am not sure why the Raps would swing that deal. – Carey Smith
NJN Nets are Scorching No response
NYK Knickerblogger No response
TOR Raptors Republic Not asked, as a Raptors Team Blog
Central Division
CHI Bulls By The Horns No response – Matt McHale
CLE Cavs: The Blog No response – John Krolik
DET Piston Powered I don’t think the Pistons would give up much. Another player who doesn’t rebound or defend is the last thing they need, especially at his contract. I’d think the Pistons would trade some combination of Richard Hamilton, Charlie Villanueva, Jason Maxiell and maybe Ben Gordon. But why would the Raptors do that? Unless Toronto really values one of those four players for some reason, I’m not sure these teams would be a good match for a Bargnani trade. – Dan Feldman
IND 8 points, 9 seconds No response
MIL Bucksketball No response – Jeremy
Southeast Division
ATL Hoopinion No response
CHA Queen City Hoops No response
MIA Heat Index No response - Kevin Arnovitz
ORL Magic Basketball Bargnani is not the type of difference-maker that Orlando needs and is, therefore, of little value to their team. – Eddy Rivera
WAS Truth About It I really can’t imagine any scenario where the Wizards would trade for Bargnani … as the stated mission of the team is to get tougher down low and better on defense.So, I imagine this to mean that the Wizards are certainly not going to give up the 6th pick for him.Constructing a package around Blatche for Bargnani? Again, something highly unlikely. As much of a proponent I am of the Wizards “adding” by “subtracting” Blatche, I certainly don’t think they should do it for someone with a MUCH worse contact who is also fairly worse at defense.Sorry …. no takers for Andrea in D.C. – Kyle Weidie
Southwest Division
DAL TwoManGame Can’t imagine Dallas would be all that interested; Bargs isn’t a good positional fit for the team right now, and the success of the current core would likely make Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson resistant to make a substantial shake-up. – Rob Mahoney
HOU Red94 No response – Rahat Huq
NOR Hornets247 Coach Monty Williams and GM Dell Demps have been very vocal with their belief that the foundation of this team will be set on the defensive end of the court. Because of that, a player like Bargnani is not likely to be somebody that the Hornets would target. However, the Hornets are in a situation where both of their power forwards (David West and Carl Landry) could leave this offseason, and at that point they would have to explore all of their options. Bargnani would not be a horrible fit with Emeka Okafor since he has range that stretches beyond the three point line and at least has the general size that Okafor lacks to make teams shoot over him on the defensive end. Therefore, I could see Dell Demps making a play for Bargnani if Toronto were essentially giving him away and West/Landry both were to leave. Because of his long term salary and the uncertainty about the new CBA, however, I think the Hornets would explore every other avenue first. The best trade the Hornets can offer?Their TPE and perhaps a future first round pick and/or Quincy Pondexter for Bargnani.At that point, I would assume Colangelo would laugh and hang up the phone, but that is honestly the best the Hornets could do. – Mike McNamara
MEM 3 Shades of Blue No response
SAS 48 Minutes of Hell No response – Jesse Blanchard
Northwest Division
DEN Roundball Mining Company No response
OKC Daily Thunder Bargnani is not worth much to Oklahoma City because the Thunder have absolutely zero need for him. – Royce Young
POR Portland Roundball Society No response
UTH Salt City Hoops No response
MIN A Wolf Among Wolves No response
Pacific Division
GSW Warriors World No response
LAC Clippers Blog No response
LAL Forum Blue and Gold I don’t think Bargnani is a player that fits what the Lakers want to do on either side of the ball. He’s more of a finesse player that doesn’t defend or rebound well. I think they prefer their big men to play inside rather than float around the perimeter. That said, this could all change with Mike Brown taking the helm. Theoretically, I don’t think the Lakers would give up any of their core pieces for Bargs because I would say that Odom, Gasol, and Bynum are all more valuable (and better players in general) than him. So, if the Lakers were to make a deal for him, I think they’d be willing to give up some combination of Artest, Blake, and Walton to get it done. However, that’s not a very attractive package for the Raptors and if I were in their shoes I’d laugh at a proposal like that.  In the end, I don’t think the Lakers are a very good trade partner for a player like Bargnani. To me, he’d be a much better fit on a team like Orlando where he compliments Howard on both sides of the floor or when paired with a penetrating PG (like Rose or John Wall) where he can play in pick and rolls or space the floor so they can get to the into the paint easier while also serving as a kick out option.Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but I hope it helps. – Darius
PHO Valley of the Suns I don’t think Phoenix would consider a trade for Bargnani because they already have a player with the same skill set in Channing Frye. There’s no way they could play together because they duplicate each other, and if you did try that you would have the worst defensive and rebounding frontcourt in NBA history (although perhaps the best shooting front court ever?). Therefore, any deal would have to start with Frye but I don’t something like that would do much for Toronto (why get an inferior version of Bargs) or Phoenix (why get a more expensive version of Frye when you have so many other needs). Also, I couldn’t disagree more strongly with the guy talking about a Gortat-Bargs deal [i.e. in the comments section of the original blog entry]. Gortat is the brightest part of Phoenix’s future and provides the defense/rebounding this team needs so badly. He’s not going anywhere, especially for a player of Bargnani’s talents. – Michael Schwartz
SAC Cowbell Kingdom No response – Zach Harper


The TrueHoop Network does not perceive Mr. Bargnani to be a very valuable asset.

As the summer of 2011 continues to unfold, it will be very interesting, indeed, to see if this same opinion is shared by the other 29 GMs in the NBA … or, if, at least, 1 of them will think that acquiring Bargnani could help their team going forward.

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22 Responses to “What Bargnani is really worth, on the open market … According to the TrueHoop Network”

  1. meductic Says:

    Although I usually avoid your articles I find this one particularlly inane.

  2. Satisfaction Says:

    I’m sure “They” will say 29 other teams want him. Just wish “They” challenge the status quo for once, be agrressive, decisive make a fundemental change. How bad can it get you are a 22 win team, what’s there to protect. Trade Bargnani for the best available deal out there push haed for the 2nd pick, for once go get it don’t wait for it to come to you.

  3. Zombie_khandor_hater Says:

    truehoop don’t think this is a real blog and nobody answered. but those guys don’t no jack about basketball so who cares what they think

  4. yertu damkule Says:

    zombie – it’s actually not a terrible response rate (30-ish%). would be nice to have a greater sample size, but given the (totally unsurprising) responses, i’m not sure it’s necessary to draw at least a rudimentary conclusion. i’m curious why you feel that those who did respond ‘don’t know jack about basketball?’ is it because they don’t feel bargnani would be a good fit for the respective teams they write about? why is that such a shocker…he isn’t a fit on his current team either. the league has had 5 years to evaluate him as a player, and the responses above indicate that – contrary to what people in raptor-land would like to believe – there doesn’t appear to be an overly eager trade market for him. that being said…these are the opinions of bloggers, not the teams themselves, so the GMs/coaches of these (or other) teams may see in bargnani a special offensive player who’s been miscaset in TO. well, at least that’s the hope…

  5. khandor Says:


    Hopefully “zkh” takes the time to read your reply-comment.

    This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend in the United States and some of the individual bloggers contacted on the TrueHoop Network were busy doing other things.

    Others are presently consumed with their own responsibility for providing coverage of the NBA Finals.

    In either of these two situations, I’ve agreed to include their responses whenever they are forwarded to me.

    Since this is a time-sensitive topic of particular interest to Raptors fans, however, I thought it best not to wait for replies from everyone and to go ahead and publish the feedback of those individuals who could reply in a timely manner.

    At some point in the immediate future it would not come as a shock to me to see that a response to this specific question has, in fact, been provided by almost all of the affiliated TrueHoop Network team blogs.

    As you’ve indicated in your reply-comment …

    It is simply the case that certain Raptors fans, e.g. like “zkh”, do not like to read the thoughts and ideas from others which are the opposite of their own, in conjunction with the Raptors.

    Cheers :-)

  6. khandor Says:


    Welcome aboard! :-)

  7. khandor Says:


    You are certainly entitled to your own opinion. What’s interesting, however, is that everyone does not seem to share the same opinion as you, on this specific topic.

    Cheers :-)

  8. brother Says:

    I think that was a valid way to go about evaluating perceptions league wide. I mean who else but the crazed local fan sites are going to have a better feel for what’s going on with their team and its needs and desires?

    But – I think you gotta take it all with a giant grain of salt. Everybody always screams defense on the fan sites. That’s what they preach – “gimme a banger, a rebounder, a hard worker……” But GMs can look a things a little differently. They know that Bargnani represents an intriguing proposition. The promise of his Nowitski like potential is there – and that’s what GMs trade on a lot of the time. They make a gamble on a guy’s potential and in so doing get a better deal than they ordinarily would have.

    That’s what Colangelo does; he looked like a genius for a few minutes when he got Weems in here in exchange for a bag of chips and Anthony Parker looked like the second coming of MJ for a time. As a GM you’re looking for under-appreciated and under-exploited talent. As a fanboy you’re looking to sign Kobe and Lebron and D-Wade.

    It would be easy to believe that in the “right system” Bargs could be the second coming of Nowitski. As Colangelo, you’re looking for the guy who does believe that.

  9. Johnn19 Says:

    Bargnani will remain a Raptor untill Colangelo can find a replacement who can be the mainstay of the offense and average 22 plus points, 6 rebounds, 2 asts as his replacement, as well as an aggresive defensive center who can score 10 to 12 ppg and lead the team in rebounding.

  10. Sam Says:

    Good work Khandor.

    Not saying this scenario has any legs, but something like:

    To Chicago:

    To Toronto:

    This trade does a few things for the Bulls:

    1. Gives them the scoring shooting guard they’ve been looking for (DeRozan would be centerpiece of this scenario)
    2. It would give the Bulls some needed scoring off the bench with Bargnani as a 6th/7th man
    3. Future salary for them wouldn’t be as horrible since Bargnani is younger than Boozer and will be “productive” for longer.

    I threw Kleiza in there to make the money match, but finding a replacement for him could be possible.

    This deal obviously does nothing for the Raptors, and I HATE Boozer something fierce so I would abandon this team if they pulled the trigger on it.

    Colangelo wouldn’t go for it either, but it could be interesting for the Bulls.

  11. Scott G Says:

    The responses from the “blogosphere” are not surprising, as yertu noted.

    I loudly asserted that the time to trade Bargs was after his improved play during the second half of the 2008-9 season, when people may have believed that his defense would eventually come around. I think that most educated observers now realize that won’t ever happen, so his trade value has plummeted.

    That said, I do believe there will be some kind of market for him, although I think to make the salaries match we may have to absord some baggage (AB’s BYC issues notwithstanding) to make it work.

    @Sam — I don’t like this deal very much myself, since I don’t think it builds for the long term. Boozer’s already at his peak, possibly on the slight decline, and won’t be of much use by the time the Raps MIGHT be able to put together a contender of any sort.

    Khan — More draft articles, please! I’ve changed my mind about Fredette — I think he’s going to be a useful player off the bench at the PG spot. Maybe even worth a late lottery pick in this draft. All in all, I think Vesely’s the guy I’d like to see the Raps take at #5. I would not like to see them take B. Knight, K. Leonard, Kemba Walker, T. Thompson, Valanciunas or Chris Singleton unless they can trade down. I wasn’t sold on D. Williams earlier in the year, but I think he’s got an interesting skill set and decent size to be a scoring PF, although he’s going to struggle on D unless he can play with a LOT of energy. Irving should be ready to play immediately. I do wish Barnes had stayed in the draft, esp since he likely would have been available at 5 given his so-so year.

    Later in the first round, I like Selby, Marshon Brooks, Faried, Honeycutt, Darius Morris, Norris Cole and Malcolm Lee.

    Second rounders might include C. Parsons, S. Mack, D. Lighty… and not much else.

    Who am I missing? Sorry to hi-jack the thread (or at least attempt to do so)!

  12. Zombie_khandor_hater Says:

    30% sux. the raptors won 30%.

    kanny ypu know me too well – i beat you to the punch because anyone who disagreed with you is sudenky an idiot

  13. khandor Says:


    1. If you take a look at today’s updated version of this same blog entry, then, you should be able to see that a few more replies have now arrived from the TrueHoop Network of team blogs.

    2. Not sure why you would bother comparing [A] the W-L Record of the Raptors [i.e. an NBA team] to [B] the initial response rate of an affiliated group of team blogs, asked to reply to a specific question which pertains to the perceived value of Andrea Bargnani.

    If you are so-inclined, you are entitled to be disappointed in an initial 30.0% rate of return.

    I, OTOH, think that most others … like yertu, for example … would choose to take a different approach than you.

    Cheers :-)

  14. khandor Says:


    Thanks for the positive feedback. :-)

    Like you, I don’t think the Bulls would go for that trade package, since I do not think Chicago thinks highly of DeRozan, Bargnani or Kleiza:

    - DD is a weak defensive player and an, as yet, unproven scorer, in terms of overall consistency and specifically 3PT-shooting;

    - AB is a nightmarishly bad defensive player, who actually makes each of his teammates WORSE; and,

    - LK is a valuable player, if someone can get him as a back-up, but not when he is coming off a knee injury and off season surgery.

  15. khandor Says:


    One thing that has been proven time and time again, in the NBA, is that there is almost always another GM, somewhere, who is willing to take a “poor investment” off your hands … if the price is perceived to be low enough.

  16. khandor Says:


    IMO, Bargnani will remain a Raptor until someone else offers Toronto more than they happen to think he is worth.

    What the Raptors actually think he’s worth … other than $8.5 M per season … is anybody’s guess, at this point.

  17. khandor Says:

    Scott G.,

    re: more Draft-related articles

    As the Draft gets closer, I will see what I can do, in that regard.

    PS. Have you followed-up with the “contact” I passed along to you last summer?

  18. Scott G Says:

    Khan – sent you an email.

  19. Zombie_khandor_hater Says:

    this shows only that bloggers can’t become gms. but since they support you you think ther genious. S.O. S.A.D.

  20. khandor Says:


    According to you …

    1. Where exactly have I said something like, “TrueHoop Network team bloggers are geniuses.”

    2. Where exactly have I said something like, “TrueHoop Network team bloggers support what I believe concerning the perceived value of Andrea Bargnani.”

    If there is something “S.O. S.A.D.” about what’s been said in this thread, so far, it is in connection with your perception of it; that’s all. :-)

  21. khandor Says:

    Scott G.,

    Got it.

    Will do my best to respond more fully sometime tomorrow, if at all possible.

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