What is Bargnani really worth, on the open market?


The intent of this blog entry is simple:

To solicit from others what it is THEY believe is THE VERY BEST package of assets which the Raptors could, possibly, acquire in return for Andrea Bargnani, if Toronto was to actually openly “shop him” across the league, in advance of the 2011 NBA Draft?

Here’s what you need to do, in order to participate:


Identify the team you believe would be willing to make a trade withh Toronto;

e.g. Minnesota Timberwolves


Identify the specific asset[s] which you believe this other team would be willing to part with, in return for receiving only Andrea Bargnani from the Raptors. 

e.g. Martell Webster + 2011/No. 2 [overall] Selection


Identify the rationale which you believe this other team would put forth for being willing to make this trade, in the first place.

e.g. Minnesota needs a 2nd option scoring Big Man to play beside Kevin Love who can more than compensate for Bargnani’s deficiency as a rebounder; while the T-Wolves have an excess of Off Guards.

Please feel free to provide your suggestion in the comments section.

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8 Responses to “What is Bargnani really worth, on the open market?”

  1. Thomas1 Says:

    Orlando Magic
    JJ Redick+ Anderson and or Brandon Bass Daniel Orton
    Why: Orlando looked old and incapable of scoring in the playoffs. Hedo Richardson, Reddick where having problems attacking and creating their own shot. Andrea would be agood fit next to howard where he plays the 4.
    Assets we get in such a deal are to be traded with a 3rd team.

  2. tim Says:


    -Bargs is historically the worst defensive player ever, and any team he is on is destined to be a bottom tier defensive team

    -in the right system, bargs could be a middling defensive center, like Kristic, or a 38 year old Shaq

    I don’t think the collective bargaining agreement allows it right now, but maybe a sign and trade for Jeff Green and the last year of J.O.’s contract? Or maybe Bargs is worse than the Celtics other options at center. It’s hard to say

  3. Dave Says:

    I don’t think a top 3 pick in this draft is attainable. I would be setting my sights somewhere at or below the fourth pick.

    I’d try Cleveland at #4 for the pick and their trade exception.

    Maybe Phoenix at #13 plus R.Lopez and cap filler (Warrick or one of their wings).

    It’s very hard to tell which teams may be interested in Bargnani but I am guessing that Utah, GSW, Houston, Charlotte and Detroit would not be interested.

    I think Milwaukee might be. I think Hammond could be interested in the idea of pairing Bogut + Bargnani alongside one another. The Bucks don’t have a lot of value to offer up though. Maybe the draft pick + a bad contract (Gooden?).

    Washington may consider a change and would be interested in Bargnani but I think they’d be looking to swap Blatche for Bargnani.

    Sacramento, possibly. Jason Thompson and change.

  4. Brain Colangelo Says:

    Prepare to be surprised by 2 things (1) how much someone will give for Bargnani and (2) how well he would do in the right system and in the right role.

  5. khandor Says:


    Please point me to a working link which shows an observation you have made, related to goings-on in the NBA – in advance of the specific event taking place – that has actually been proven to have been accurate after-the-fact.

    If you are able to do this, then, it might actually demonstrate that what you think about the worth of Mr. Bargnani and how he might function in a better-fit environment elsewhere in the league could, in fact, merit some consideration.

  6. hasib Says:


    I have a few scenario’s with Raptor Players including Bargnani.

    The best trade for Bargnani would be Gortat, that’d be the best possible player we could get in exchange for Barg’s from anyone. Otherwise the majority of trades possible totally undervalue Bargnani by making the Raptors take a bad contract and a player (who’s likely not that great either) for Bargnani. I’ve also seen people thinking that Bargnani AND the 5th pick is worth the 2nd pick and throw-ins which is ridiculous considering how average top 5 rookies usually turn out (note this draft class is below average too).

  7. Brain Colangelo Says:

    Khandor, baby, you almost sound petty. You’re the one who identified one of my earliest predictions – you know that. Anyway, the point is that next to an very good to elite paint defender/rebounder and in a system that can take advantage of his abilities to create mismatches on offence and shoot from distance he could be an excellent piece on a great team. It wouldn’t hurt to have a better PG and to avoid being put in so many ISOs.

    But why preach to the preacher, that ends up with everyone talking and no one listening and we know that you’re all about talking. So I’ll listen. Nudge me if I fall asleep while the same old, same old prattles on.

    Your muchacho,
    - Brain

  8. khandor Says:


    Unfortunately, you will need to refresh my memory on the earlier prediction of yours that, according to you, was eventually proven to be accurate with the passage of time.

    Being petty has nothing to do with it.

    I’ve been doing what I do here for a long time now and simply cannot recall a prediction which was made by you that fits into this exact category.

    re: “Anyway, the point is that next to an very good to elite paint defender/rebounder and in a system that can take advantage of his abilities to create mismatches on offence and shoot from distance he could be an excellent piece on a great team. It wouldn’t hurt to have a better PG and to avoid being put in so many ISOs.”

    The way Bargnani’s defense and rebounding have failed to evolve over the last 5 seasons, it is doubtful that he would even be able to fulfil this type of complementary role – coming off the bench, in all likelihood – for a top notch team in the NBA.

    What would have been the case 2 or 3 years ago, if Bargnani would have been put into the right situation may no longer apply, since his attitude, demeanor and fundamental skill-set are not the stuff of which most prominent 6th, or 7th, or 8th men are made.

    I’ve received some feedback from different ‘bloggers’ across the league, on what they think Bargnani might be worth to the team they follow ardently.

    Hopefully, I will get a chance to publish this feedback in the next day or two.

    Their answers might surprise you.