Less Wright should also equal Less Wrong for the Raptors against the Bulls

There’s an old adage in the world of sport that goes something like this:

“You should never, ever, take solace in the mis-fortune of your opponent.”

… because:

i. It’s simple not the right way to live your own life;

ii. The “Sporting Gods” do NOT shine their favour on those who fall prey to this affliction;

iii. The “Sporting” Gods do shine their favour, however, on those who focus on what they CAN DO themselves to give their own team the best chance of winning. Period.

In general, this is a tried and true philosophy which makes a great deal of sense … when it comes to NOT taking any solace in the mis-fortune that can sometimes befall AN OPPONENT.

As far as the Raptors are concerned, however …

This adage HAPPENS NOT TO APPLY … when the misfortune, in question, actually be-falls a player on YOUR OWN TEAM!

To wit:

Yes, the Raptors are about to take the court this evening against the Bulls, as a battered and bruised team.

EXhibit A

Chris Bosh/PF is out of the Raptors’ line-up indefinitely while recovering from facial fractures he sustained this past week, against Cleveland. This fact hurts the Raptors’ chances for a W tonight.

Exhibit B

Hedo Turkoglu/SF is in the line-up for this evening’s game, but with a protective mask on his face his face to guard against incurring further damage to his own broken nose, sustained this past week, against Boston. Since Turkoglu simply hates wearing a protective mask on his face, this fact also hurts the Raptors’ chances for a W tonight.

Exhibit C

Amir Johnson/PF … who replaced Chris Bosh in the Raptors’ Starting Line-up against Atlanta … is playing in this evening’s game, but with a slightly sprained ankle which he incurred during the 2nd half. This fact hurts the Raptors’ chances for a W tonight.

Exhibit D

Jarrett Jack/PG … their solid Back-up to Jose Calderon … is playing in this evening’s game, but with a slightly sprained ankle/foot which he also incurred during the 4th quarter against Atlanta. This fact hurts the Raptors’ chances for a W tonight.

But, all hope is far from lost for the Raptors, as …

Exhibit E

Antoine Wright/SF-OG … their defensive specialist at the wing positions and the primary back-up to Turkoglu and Sonny Weems … is out of the line-up indefinitely with a severely sprained right ankle which he incurred during the 4th quarter against Atlanta. This fact HELPS the Raptors’ chances for a W tonight … in a major way.

Huh? … What’s that you say?

It’s impossible to have a 5th injured player from a team’s regular rotation out of the line-up completely for a do-or-die, quasi-elimination game … and, somehow, believe that HIS ABSENCE will actually help his team get a W in that game.

Well, you know what?


If the Raptors are forced to use a tight 8-Man rotation which looks like this:






































because using Antoine Wright, as a defensive specialist … when he isn’t very good on defense, to begin with, AND is absolutely horrid on offense, MOST of the time … is actually a huge detriment to the Raptors ever being able to win any game against a decent-to-good opponent when their team could instead be giving his PT to:

a. Sonny Weems, or
b. Hedo Turkoglu, or
c. DeMar DeRozan, or
d. Marco Belinelli,

at the same time as it is also giving increased PT to Amir Johnson [i.e. an athletic rebounder/defender] and Rasho Nesterovic [i.e. a non athletic rebounder/defender].

The fact is … not having Antoine Wright in the line-up tonight is a HUGE CASE of “Addition by Subtraction”, in favour of the Raptors. :-)

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3 Responses to “Less Wright should also equal Less Wrong for the Raptors against the Bulls”

  1. Mauro Says:

    yes, we are going to win!

  2. FAQ Says:

    I have this premonition that the Raptors will win big tonight.

  3. khandor Says:


    If the Raptors use the same set of “strategies and tactics” as they did last night, against Chicago, they will lose this evening at Detroit.


    1. Jack [25:00] played more minutes than Calderon [24:11].

    2. Belinelli [22:49] played almost double the minutes of DeRozan [12:40].

    3. Nesterovic played all of 45 seconds … while Evans got 9:24 of PT.

    4. Bargnani was horrendous defensively AND on the boards, was 2-8/FG’s the 2nd half, finished -15 [overall], and, yet … was still rewarded with 39:23 of PT, primarily, because he just happened to score 14 points in the 1st half [5-8/FG's], while the Raptors were down by 10 points [48-58].

    Those are decisions which are the sole responsibility of Jay Triano, Alex English, Marc Iavaroni and Micah Nori … all of whom should be called into question after last night’s “most-important-game-of-the-season” debacle.

    Unfortunately, the suggestions which were listed here before the game yesterday for all to see … were NOT followed by the Raptors.



    Although Hedo Turkoglu really did try his hardest yesterday … i.e. witness his 19 rebounds and assorted other “hustle” plays throughout the contest … going 2-12 [31:54/MP] in a game of this magnitude is simply not good enough from a player “earning” $10.0 M per season.

    Although Sonny Weems gave a maximum effort yesterday, Raptors fans need to understand that he was playing in his 1st really big NBA game … against experienced veterans, in the form of Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich [2-9/FG's] and Flip Murray, who have been to the playoffs multiple times in their respective careers to-date. Sonny was simply outplayed yesterday.

    Although Amir Johnson gives his best effort at all times, he is still a very inexperienced player, who fouls indiscriminently and is going to be taken advantage of by cerebral opponents like Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and Brad Miller.

    Although Jose Calderon is limited defensively, he is still a better PG overall than Jarrett Jack, who has invested more time, energy and effort, on behalf of the Raptors franchise, than any other player on their team, except for CB4 … and, yet, yesterday, was rendered virtually helpless by the highly suspect personnel decisions of the coaching staff which chose to employ specific “strategies and tactics” that LED DIRECTLY to the performances of:

    Derrick Rose’s 26 points
    Joakim Noah’s 19 rebounds and 18 points
    Taj Gibson’s 5-7/FG’s and 11 points
    Luol Deng’s 5-10/FG’s and 14 points
    Flip Murray’s 4-9/FG’s and 10 points
    Hakim Warrick’s 3-6/FG’s and 10 points

    and resulted in Jose receiving only 24:11 of playing time, with zero [0] minutes in the 4th quarter.



    As Michael Grange first wrote in his blog [From Deep], 2 weeks ago, this Raptors team is in a TOTAL MESS, right now, and will be hard-pressed to qualify for the playoffs.

    Although I disagreed with what Michael actually wrote at the time … primarily because Chris Bosh was still in the line-up and had finally begun to play better, once again, in the aftermath of recovering from his post All-Star game injuries … this organization is a dysfunctional nightmare at the moment, in Chris’ absence, and it would not surprise me in the least to the Raptors capitulate, both, at Detroit and vs New York.



    The specific “illness” this team is suffering from starts at the very top of the organization and works its way down to each and every level, and results in the sorrowful product that was on display last night, in the the most important game of the season.

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