Raptors punked by Celtics, according to Wright

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10 Responses to “Raptors punked by Celtics, according to Wright”

  1. Brasky Says:

    Just curious, in what way(s) is Bosh deficient in skill?

  2. Mike D Says:

    Regarding your last few sentences, if the ball is truly in Colangelo’s court then we’re all in trouble. I wonder if BC is going to start throwing Triano under the bus this season or the next. Sam got fired after an 8-9 start last year. 7-10 is the record through 17 games this season.

  3. Dave Says:

    I find Antoine Wright quite irritating … I really wish Colangelo had of signed another wing to play in front of him in the rotation.

  4. Scott G Says:

    Dave — couldn’t agree more. I liked what I saw from Wright for his first couple of shifts on opening night… he took some charges, hustled, and didn’t look for his own shot. Now, he’s lazy on D, way too aggressive offensively given his lack of skill, and somehow now feels he’s earned the right to call out the rest of the team for anything?? Ugh… I don’t know HOW Rick Carlisle said whatever he said about how we would “love him” and how he was the Mavs’ “toughest guy” last year.

    Khan — Agree that Bosh’s strength is character… his comments above demonstrate that.. but isn’t his weakness more a lack of explosive athleticism than a lack of skill? I guess he still isn’t great going right and could be a better passer, but he’s got a great jumper, a solid handle, and a reasonable variety of post moves.

  5. khandor Says:


    Please do not think that I consider Chris Bosh to be a low-skilled player.

    In my book …

    Chris Bosh is a terrific rebounder.
    Chris Bosh is very good at defending vs Pick and Roll/Pop actions.
    Chris Bosh is very good in Defensive Transition.
    Chris Bosh is a versatile defender who can effectively check multiple spots.
    Chris Bosh is very good at Team Defense.
    Chris Bosh is a good Off-The-Ball Shot-blocker.
    Chris Bosh’s face-up and drive left game is excellent.
    Chris Bosh is very good in Offensive Transition.
    Chris Bosh is oustanding at getting to the FT Line.
    Chris Bosh is a very good FT Shooter.

    Despite these strengths, however … and, relatively speaking … CB4 still has a number of other areas of his individual game which are in need of further improvement, in order to be considered a high skill player, including:

    i. Dribbling/driving with his right hand.
    ii. Finishing with his right hand.
    iii. Developing a consistent Low-post move.
    iv. Developing a consistent Low-post counter.
    v. Improving his Turn-around Jump-shot.
    vi. Improving his Perimeter Jump-shot.
    vii. Improving his 1 Dribble [right and left] Jump-shot.
    viii. Improving as a Screener.
    ix. Improving as a Picker.
    x. Improving as a Passer.
    xi. Improving as a Low-post Defender.

    As such, CB4′s “weakness” is his overall skill package, in comparison with the other areas of possible “strengths and weaknesses”, in relative terms.

  6. khandor Says:

    Mike D,

    IMO, Bryan Colangelo has a genuine like for Jay Triano and shares a similar Philosophy of Basketball.

    That said … given Bryan Colangelo’s history as a GM in the NBA, IMO, he will not hesitate to change his head coach, if he does not see this team developing in a way which makes him happy.

    1. During yesterday’s game, it was glaring just how many empty seats there were in the ACC behind the baseline at the Suns’ end of the floor. This is not a good thing from the perspective of MLSE [i.e. $$$].

    2. IMO, Bryan Colangelo both expected and still expects that this group of players to be able to play better team defense than it has to this point. If this continues much further, he will NEED to lay the blame at someone’s door-step, or risk losing a considerable amount of credibility across the NBA, in the minds of those who truly understand what it takes to win BIG in this league, in the post-season.

    3. Jay Triano is NOT Mike D’Antoni.

    4. Just because USA Basketball/Jerry Colangelo thinks enough of Jay Triano as one of only a few coaches working in the NBA today with credible experience in the international/FIBA game … and, therefore, deems him fit to assist with the preparation of Team USA for the World Championships and Olympic Games events … does NOT mean that Jay Triano SHOULD be considered an elite level basketball coach.

    5. Bosh is a $15.0 M/yr investment. Turkoglu is a $10.0 M/yr investment. Bargnani is a $10.0 M/yr investment. Calderon is an $8.0 M/yr investment. Sam Mitchell and Jay Triano’s combined salary do not equal even one of those player’s salaries.

    6. Retaining the services of Chris Bosh is what this year’s about, not holding onto Jay Triano … especially, when you’ve also got a former NBA player, World Champion and experienced coach like Marc Iavaroni sitting in the seat beside him.

    Hopefully, Jay can succeed in making the playoffs this season.

    If he does not, however, I would not expect to see him continue as the Raptors’ head coach.

  7. khandor Says:


    As you’ve said since the summer:

    Antoine Wright is a low-level NBA player.
    Antoine Wright was an adequate player with the Mavs last season because he was surrounded by several other good-to-very good NBA players.
    Antoine Wright is a poor perimeter shooter.
    Antoine Wright is a mediocre defender, at best.

    Antoine Wright should not be a starting NBA player for a legit contender.

    Antoine Wright should probably not even be a rotation player for a legit contender.

    For the dollar value associated with Antoine Wright’s contract, I, too, wish the Raptors would have signed a different player this past summer [e.g. Jamario Moon, Rodney Carney, Matt Barnes, etc.].

    Whenever Antoine Wright is NOT in the Raptors’ line-up this season, their team will actually have a better chance to win that night.

  8. khandor Says:

    Scott G.,

    I could well have described Chris Bosh’s relative lack of “explosive athleticism” as a point of weakness, if I was someone who thinks of CB4 primarily as a PF. :-)

    Always keep in mind, however, that I consider Chris to be a natural Center, in the NBA … and, at this specific spot, relative to the other Centers across the league, I don’t see his “lack of explosive athleticism” as a major weakness.

  9. Scott G Says:

    So, as a C, you don’t see CB4′s athleticism as a weakness, but you do see his pull-up J as a weakness? I see your point about not needing the explosive athleticism as much at the C spot, but it seems to me his pull-up J is already pretty good for a C. eh… parsing details… this season sucks too much already to worry too much about this. Compared to the rest of our team CB4 has no weaknesses as far as I’m concerned ;)

  10. khandor Says:

    Scott G.,

    1. If he’s going to take his pull-up J, in the first place [primarily, as a PF], I’d like him to be better at it than he currently is.

    2. re: Compared to the rest of our team CB4 has no weaknesses as far as I’m concerned

    Agreed, 100%. [don't know if I should put a happy or sad smiley face after this remark ... therefore, :-) , :-( .]