Pre-season Game 2: Raptors vs 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers 79 [2-0]
Game Scoreboard

What exactly do you need to know about this specific game?

… as Part II to the back-2-back affairs which these teams played Tuesday [in London ON] and Wednesday [in Toronto ON]

1. Bosh, Turkoglu and Wright were out, once again, for the Raptors; while Rodney Carney was absent again for the 76ers.

2. The back-up players for each of these two teams are just THAT … i.e. ”Back-up quality” players, in the NBA, as opposed to being “Starter quality” players who “just happen to be coming off the bench”.

3. At the 10:23 mark of the 4th quarter, the score was tied 64-64, with the following line-ups on the court:

PG/Sean Singletary,  OG/Royal Ivey, SF/Brandon Bowman, PF/Jason Smith and C/Marreese Speights

PG/Jarrett Jack, OG/Quincy Douby, SF/Sonny Weems, PF/Amir Johnson and C/Patrick O’Bryant

from which point, each team made the following substitutions during the final stages of the game:

PG/Jrue Holiday [for Sean Singletary]
SF/Thaddeus Young [for Brandon Bowman]
PF/Brandon Bowman [for Jason Smith]

PG/Marcus Banks [for Jarrett Jack]
OG/DeMar DeRozan [for Sonny Weems]
OG/Sonny Weems [for DeMar DeRozan]

as the 76ers proceeded to outscore the Raptors 20-15 the rest of the way … while playing on the road.

4. Philadelphia and Toronto are each going to have their hands full this season qualifying for the playoffs in the EC with [at least] the likes of Boston, Orlando, Cleveland, Atlanta, Washington, Miami, Chicago, Charlotte and Detroit all appearing to superior personnel, from top-to-bottom, on their roster. 

A video recap of last night’s action …


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4 Responses to “Pre-season Game 2: Raptors vs 76ers”

  1. rob Says:

    if this is a sports blog, why not cover other sports. u r clearly not all that interested in the raps as a fan. every single post has an anti-rapti slant. u r a bad seinfeild episode. hmmm, there weren’t many of those. rap republic, wht do u add this link . i need to be more careful. all things khandor r just a little sour.

  2. Mauro Says:

    Hello Khandor.
    Beside the results, and the analisys, do you agree that this year Raps team seem more fun to watch and generally play better BBall than last year ?


  3. khandor Says:


    If you take a look around this blog, you will see plenty of material related to a variety of different sports.

    It just so happens that the NBA, in general, holds a special interest for me at the present time.

    I happen to be a Raptors fan … but, it would most definitely NOT be correct to suggest that my interest in the team is JUST that of a “regular fan”.

    The simple fact of the matter is that I am not just a “regular NBA fan”; nor am I just a “regular Raptors fan”.


    re: Seinfeld and the importance of being about nothing

    If you haven’t seen it yet, then, I invite you to take a look back at this terrific blog entry by Henry Abbott [TrueHoop], Hot and Heavy: About NBA Shooting. Provided that you can decipher properly what it has to say about the likes of Dean Oliver, Bill James, and the fog, it might serve to give you an altered perspective on what really happens in this space, on occasion, concerning the goings-on in the NBA and the Concept of Nothingness … aka, a favourite topic for Jerry & Friends … as well as in other sports, to a lesser extent.

    What others think they understand about, “How The NBA Game Actually Works,” doesn’t necessarily conform with “[Just] The Way It Is“, in real life technocolour.

  4. khandor Says:


    No, I do not agree with those sentiments.

    IMO, each version of the Raptors for the last several seasons has been a great deal of fun to watch play, and has been capable of producing entertaining basketball … if the individual bits and pieces were actually used in the proper way. Unfortunately, the way in which the individual teams have been put together has been less-than ideal and the coaching, by-and-large, has been unable to compensate for the many deficiencies of the respective rosters, in general.

    IMO, those who think that …

    Shawn Marion
    Anthony Parker
    Jamario Moon
    Kris Humphries
    Jason Kapono
    Carlos Delfino
    Joey Graham
    Pops Mensah-Bonsu
    Roko Ukic

    were not decent-to-average-to-good-to-very good role players, in the NBA … in comparison with the likes of Hedo Turkoglu/SF, DeMar DeRozan/OG, Antoine Wright/G-F, Reggie Evans/PF, Marco Belinelli/G-F, Sonny Weems/G-F, Amir Johnson/PF and Jarrett Jack/PG-OG, at the respective positions they will be playing on this year’s team … are sorely mistaken.

    1. There was plenty of talent on the 2007-2008 team.
    2. There was plenty of talent on last year’s team.
    3. There is plenty of talent on this year’s team.

    The fact is, however:

    4. The talent on these respective teams does NOT fit well together … especially, without expert coaching.

    5. The talent on these respective teams does NOT equate with the talent on the other top teams across the NBA … especially, without expert coaching.


    In general, the fun which I get out of watching the Raptors play is not tied to whether or not the team is “entertaining”.

    Basketball is a terrific sport and the NBA version is a fantastic game.

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