Eureka! … Perception of Toronto in the eyes of top NBA free agents finally confirmed by Raptors’ GM

For the last several years yours truly has been trying to make clear to others in Raptorville that their perception of Toronto as being a non-preferred destination amongst top free agents in the NBA when compared to other cities across the league just happens to be completely inaccurate.

Now … at last … the search for concrete evidence which speaks directly to this perspective from the mouth of the Raptors’ General Manager, himself, is available on-line:

Candid Remarks by Bryan Colangelo about the Quality of the Great City of Toronto, as far as Top Agents are concerned [audio link]



The success or failure of this franchise, in terms of being able to win a NBA championship in the not-too-distant future, depends only on the quality of the basketball-related decisions made by its management team.

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  1. Linkage for Jul 8 7pm to Jul 9 7am - Raptors Republic Says:

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  2. Scott G Says:

    How about BC’s magician trick??

    Instead of signing Hedo and releasing half the roster, we now get 2 serviceable role playing wings in return, AND get to unload Hump without giving up anything other than Marion (who we would likley have lost in FA).

    Although Wright and George aren’t great by any means, they are both highly serviceable players, both of whom have good size and athleticism for their positions. Stick Wright in as the starting 2 with DeRozan intially as the backup; Start Hedo with George as the backup… Start Evans with Bosh and Hedo, leaving Bargs with Pops and George to help him out in the rebounding department.

    Maybe I’m drinking the kool-aid here, but I am actually quite happy with the moves made this summer (other than Bargs’ deal). We got a playmaker and some solid athletes on the wing, unloaded Krapono for some rebounding help, and unloaded Hump and his bad (given the fact he doesn’t play much) deal. Now all we need is a solid backup PG, and we’ve got a competitive team on our hands.

  3. CanuckX Says:

    Good post Khandor – heard this directly (and unprompted) from one of the player’s fathers. Loved the city (both him, wife and son) – culture, restaurants, entertainment, etc.
    There are a *few* ESPN-type publicity hounds that aren’t trilled about Toronot as a destination, but there are just as many that prefer Toronto over many cities in the league.

  4. khandor Says:

    Scott G.,

    IMO, it wasn’t a Magic trick at all.

    1. Toronto did not at any time lose its access to the MLE or the LLE. It’s a complete fallacy for anyone to suggest that they did and through the machinations of this trade they somehow regained that access.

    2. In effect, what Toronto accomplished through this exchange was to trade out:

    1 Shawn Marion
    2 Anthony Parker
    3 Kris Humphries
    4 Nathan Jawai
    5 2016 2nd Round Draft Pick, and
    6 Cash Considerations [amount?]

    while adding:

    1 Hedo Turkoglu
    2 Antoine Wright
    3 Devean George


    retaining their right to the MLE, by staying above the Salary Cap, which is where they were PRIOR to the deal being made


    retaining their right to the LLE, by staying above the Salary Cap, which is where they were PRIOR to the deal being made.


    IMO, adding Hedo Turkoglu, on his own, is a positive step for the Raptors.


    The best analogy I can draw, however, for the euphoric reception which this trade’s outcome has received, thus far, in Raptorville is this:

    When someone has been abused for a long while they have substantially lower expectations, re: an acceptable level of conduct by their abuser.

    Then, when the day arrives that the abuser acts in a non-abusive way, that someone is suddenly overjoyed at the less-than abusive treatment they are having to suffer on that day … and, usually, for a substantial period after that.

    What the real test is, however … is if the abuser ever gradually returns to acting in a way that mimics his/her original standard of conduct/performance with the passage of time.


    The Cavaliers have secured themselves an opportunity to compete for the NBA championship, as one of the Top Teams in the EC next season.

    The Dallas Mavericks have secured themselves an opportunity to do likewise in the WC next season, as have the Orlando Magic.

    Memphis is still the sad-sack they have been since Jerry West decided to give the ship there …

    While the Raptors have taken a small, positve step in the RIGHT direction … which is SOMETHING THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE 3 YEARS AGO BY TRADING DOWN AND DRAFTING EITHER BRANDON ROY OR RUDY IN THE SUMMER OF 2006, or going even further back in time than, to the day when Rob Babcock made the stupendous mistake of TRADING AWAY WINCE CARTER.

    As Dave has outlined in this comment on his blog, from July 9, 1 PM:

    ” … and they will fail … “,

    it would be simple folly for anyone in Raptorville to think that this trade, couled with the $50.0 M/5 yr deal for Andrea Bargnani in any way, shape, or form gets the Raptors out of the woods safe and sound.

    Is there a glimmer of light in the forest?

    IMO, yes there is … but, there HAS ALWAYS BEEN STREAMS OF LIGHT IN THE YARD OF THIS FRANCHISE, going back to its birth in 1995.

  5. khandor Says:


    The primary problem this franchise has had over the years is administrative mismanagement.

    Simply put … Toronto is a world class city.

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