ROI – Reviewing and rating current NBA Free Agents

There’s a tonne of information on-line right now but this one, courtesy of John Schuhmman,┬áis as sound and concise as any:

Position-by-position: Top 5 free agents
As we’ve seen in the NBA Draft over the years, the best strategy is usually to take the best player available. You never know how draft picks will turn out, so selecting the guy closest to a sure thing, even if you’ve already got a similar player on your roster, is often the prudent way to go.

In free agency, though, teams pretty much know what kind of player they’re getting. Teams have seen what these guys can do and are able to better evaluate what they’re capable of and what they can bring to their team.

So the next few weeks will be about finding the right fit, both on the court and on the payroll.


By position, the following players are under-rated [#, indicates where they should be ranked] in this year’s Free Agent class, according to yours truly:

* Ramon Sessions [#1]
* Jarret jack [#2]
* CJ Watson [#6]

* Anthony Parker [#1]

* None

* Antonio McDyess [#3]
* Brandon Bass [#7]
* James Singleton [#9]

* Johan Petro [#4]

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2 Responses to “ROI – Reviewing and rating current NBA Free Agents”

  1. sac_male Says:

    Maybe more of an explanation for each of your ratings would be appropriate.

    * Ramon Sessions [#1]- What are you smoking? The guy has very little to no shot, and to rank him #1 in the class of free agents makes no sense.
    * Jarret jack [#2]- Again, give me some of that stuff…He is a solid player, but I would not rank him any higher than where he is ranked.

    * Anthony Parker [#1]- wow, talk about a homer pick. So what you are saying is that you would take him to start on your team next year, and pay him starting money. Better yet, would you re-sign him near the top of the pay scale for his position? He is a good player, but the biggest weakness on the team last year was at his position. Now you are claiming that he should be the top rated FA?

    * Antonio McDyess [#3]- you are trying to tell me that a 35 year old power forward who has not averaged double figures in any category in 9 seasons (pre-injury) should be the third rated FA at PF?
    * Brandon Bass [#7]- too low.

  2. khandor Says:


    Welcome aboard!

    re: Sessions and Jack

    IMO, the two players who will be the most productive Point Guards next season will be Ramon Sessions and Jarrett Jack.

    There a big difference between saying:

    A. This player has had the best career to this point


    B. This player is about to have the best season next year.


    re: Anthony Parker

    At the Off Guard position, in comparison with the other duds available this summer, AP is the most productive player, and it isn’t even close.

    Q1. Should he get a big salary?

    A1. No way.

    But, if you are the Boston Celtics … you should actually be a lot more interested in signing AP, for a reasonable contract, than signing Ben Gordon [who is really a scoring PG, ala Vinnie Johnson] for an exorbitant price-tag.

    AP can score, shoot, pass, rebound, and defend, in combination better than anybody else on that weak Off Guard list.


    re: McDyess & Bass

    I like Bass a great deal.

    That said …

    1 Odom [in his prime]
    2 Millsap [on the way up]
    3 McDyess [is a Warrior and a Winner with gas still in the tank]
    4 Lee [multi-purpose & cost effective]
    5 Marion [over-the-hill,yes, but was once a semi-stud]
    6 Varejao [best garbageman in the L, right now]
    7 Bass

    PS. What I rate is effectiveness.

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