Raptors fans: What would happen, if …

Bryan Colangelo could succeed in re-signing Shawn Marion to a reasonable contract extension this summer?

Bryan Colangelo could trade down from the No. 9 position in the 2009 NBA Draft … in exchange for a lower 1st Round selection and an additional 2nd Round selection

Bryan Colangelo buys an additional pick in the lower section of the 1st Round [i.e. $3.0 M acquired in the trade with Miami this past season].


Here might be one plausible scenario for other Raptors fans to consider:

With Chris Bosh [#1] they are set at the Starting C position [please envision him at 6-10, 250, once he reaches 27 years of age].
With Jose Calderon [#2] they are set at the Starting PG position.
With the combination of Shawn Marion [#3] & Reggie Evans [#8] they are set at the PF position.

With Anthony Parker [#6] they are set at the Back-up PG/OG position.
With Joey Graham [#7] they are set at the Back-up SF position.
With Andrea Bargnani [#9] they are set at the Back-up C position.

With Roko Ukic [#10] they are set at the Back-up-to-the-Back-up PG position.
With Carlos Delfino [#11] they are set at the Utility Guard-Wing position.
With Kris Humphries [#12] they are set at the Utility Big Man position.
With Marcus Banks [#13] they are set at the Extra Guard-Wing Position.
With Patrick O’Bryant [#15] they are set at the Back-up-to-the-Back-up C position.

#4 – the Starting SF position then gets filled by the traded down for 1st Round pick [e.g. Derrick Brown?].

#5 – the Starting OG position then gets filled by the additional 2nd Round pick acquired thru the trade down [e.g. Marcus Thornton or Nando De Colo?]

#14 -the Extra SF-PF position then gets filled by the bought 1st Round pick [e.g. Taj Gibson or Dante Cunningham?]

… in which case there might be no need to trade [A] Chris Bosh or [B] Andrea Bargnani this summer, with the following line-up:

Jose Calderon, PG
Marcus Thorton [or Nando De Colo], OG
Derrick Brown, SF
Shawn Marion, PF
Chris Bosh, C

Anthony Parker, PG/OG
Joey Graham, SF [or Carlos Delfino, OG/SF]
Reggie Evans, PF
Andrea Bargnani, C

Roko Ukic, PG
Marcus Banks, PG/OG
Carlos Delfino, OG/SF [or Joey Graham, SF]
Taj Gibson [or Dante Cunningham], SF-PF
Kris Humphries, PF/C
Patrick O’Bryant, C

Bold – New Athletic Young Player added via 2009 NBA Draft
Bolded Italics – New Veteran Player added via trade this off season
Italics – Existing Player shifted to a different role this season

heading into training camp for the 2009-2010 season … provided that Quincy Douby, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Jake Voskuhl and Nathan Jawai are each given their release.

Could THAT team of 15 players eventually become a legitimate threat to contend for a Top 4 playoff spot in the Eastern Conference by the end of next season? … at which point Andrea Bargnani will be due to have his contract extended and Chris Bosh will be in a position to opt out of his existing contract, in a move toward unrestricted free agency.

Hmmmm ….

It just might.

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11 Responses to “Raptors fans: What would happen, if …”

  1. Pete Marasmitch Says:

    I like seeing Marion at the starting PF spot, where he’s had the most success. However, not sure that the two youngsters, expected to be available in the late 1st/early 2nd round of this year’s draft, would be good enough in 2009-10 as starters.

    How far ahead are you projecting? What do you see in Thornton, De Colo and Brown that is overlooked by most observers?

    And should we give up on Jawai that quickly?

  2. Brain Colangelo Says:

    How many minutes do you envision Bargnani and the rookies playing next year?

    I don’t see it happening. Bargnani averaged nearly 20 points per game in 2009 and the team and BC has a ton invested in him. Why do we think the rooks will step in and be impact players?

  3. tmk Says:

    I won’t lie, when I saw the “What would happen if…” title, I was excpecting the post to be about how if we were to trade Bargnani for a second pick we would become title contenders. Or just something along the line of “What if we trade barganani for (fill in the blank)…but unfortuntly that wasn’t the case. As for the actual post, I like the idea of putting Bosh at C and Marion at PF, provided somehow Bosh doesn’t guard the opposing teams C. I say this despite the fact I really want Bargnani to suceed, but if it wins games, it wins games. But I can’t say much about the guys you have drafted because I have zero knowlege of college players other then what draft express or similar tells me. However, I really don’t know if in this years draft we’d be able to get this many picks considering how the talent level drops way of after first 5 or so picks. Looking at it on paper seems good to me though.

  4. Dave Says:

    Marion and Bosh as the starting bigs plus Calderon at the point … and a solid supporting cast = playoff caliber team

  5. khandor Says:


    It matters not to me how many minutes per game Bargnani & the rookies get this season.

    What I care about are W’s & L’s, as they effect the Raptors’ chances to become a legit Top 4 team in the EC for the next decade+.

    Thornton has the makings of a very good Ray Allen-type shooter/scorer in the NBA.

    Brown has the stuff of which Top Flight SF are made in this league.

    Gibson or Cunningham are very solid athletic players with good size and skill sets.

    If the Raptors were to add 3 players of that ilk … they would ratchet up the quality & the quantity of 1st-class “young assets” in their cupboard by a quantum leap.


    If Bosh was to play well at the C position … Triano could then ride hard for long stretches with the knowledge that Bargnani is his credible back-up on the bench, ready to step in with a moments notice … for an extended run, if need be.

    If Bosh goes wayward … contract year and all? … then, Triano could simply sit him down. The coach’s best friend is Pine Time.

    Marion at PF is so much better than Marion at the SF it isn’t even funny.

    Reggie Evans, as the Back-up PF, is a very solid add.

    If either Thornton or Brown was to struggle mightily, then, each of Parker, Graham and Delfino would be well-suited to unburden their load temporarily at the OG and SF positions, respectively.

    If each rookie pans out … in the mold of Courtney Lee and Luol Deng, for example … then AP would be an ideal 3rd Guard in a tight rotation with Jose Calderon at the PG position, with Roko Ukic as the 4th wheel.


    Good-great teams in this league DO NOT care how many minutes individual players get … what they CARE about is W’s & L’s, in the regular season and particularly in the PLAYOFFS.

  6. khandor Says:


    Welcome Aboard! :-)

    PS. Those who think that I “hate” Bargnani are completely out to lunch. I would not waste your time following in their foot-steps. Intelligent comments like yours are always appreciated here.

  7. khandor Says:


    I thought you might like the configuration of this Raptors’ team. :-)

    One of the major criticisms which I’ve had about the organization over the years is that …

    They have consistently and repeatedly failed to seize upon the moment at-hand, capitalize on the plethora of available resources … which have been plentiful on at least tow prior occasions that I can think of, not including this one, this summer … to build a FIRST-CLASS CONTENDER IN TORONTO DESIGNED FOR A LONG RUN IN THE UPPER ECHELON OF THE ASSOCIATION.

    The way I see it … this is yet another GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY which MLSE [in this case, Bryan Colangelo] has to put SEVERAL of the major building blocks in place to see this Mansion grow, right in front of our eyes.

    Hopefully they don’t blow it, yet again … as there is more than just one way to get the job done right, this time around, as long as the people in charge actually do know what they’re doing!

    Time will tell …

  8. Jim Says:

    LOL @ Bargnani as a backup and the two scrubs you’ve got slated as starters at the 2 & 3 positions. That team wins 15-20 games next season, Bosh walks next summer and the team is forced to rebuild.

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  10. khandor Says:


    Welcome aboard!

    * Which two players are you suggesting might qualify as “scrubs”?

    * Did you read Dave’s take on the merits of the Raptors choosing to start Marion [PF] & Bosh [C] at their “best fit” positions in the NBA, rather than Bargnani? … especially, in conjunction with a player like Jose Calderon [who is not the strongest defensive player in the L].

    * IMO, you have no idea what would make a person/player like Chris Bosh walk away from the Raptors next summer … based on what you’ve said so far.

    Two of the Raptors major problems last season were:

    1. The poor play they received from their back-up PG … who wasn’t named Anthony Parker.

    2. The poor play their received from Andrea Bargnani and Jermaine O’Neal. Basketball is a game with 3 main phases … and the MOST IMPORTANT ONE happens NOT TO BE “offense”, at the Starting Center position.

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