Local media for the Raptors is beginning to lay blame in the right place, at last

The impact of Chris Bosh saying he will stay the course and not consider re-signing until next summer
Some think Bosh isn’t worth a max deal anyways, so the Raptors should just get whatever they can for him in a trade, rather than crippling their future cap. Don’t buy that. Good teams have an all-star or three. Trading the only all-star on the roster and one of only two top-15-20 players the team has had in its 15-year history because he’ll make too much money is folly.
Perennial all-stars get paid, period. Sure he’s not a LeBron, a Chris Paul or a Wade, but not too many are.

Bosh is not Toronto’s problem. Lack of overall talent is.
The pressure is on Bryan Colangelo now to do something about that or risk having to build around a talent-base that just isn’t good enough.
Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon, the ninth pick in this draft and whatever middling pieces a team will give up for an unsigned Bosh won’t get the Raptors anywhere, besides maybe an annual first-round exit.

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