Of scorpions, frogs, GMs & faces of the franchise

Image means great deal to GM Colangelo
There’ve been rumblings all season that Bosh wants out. It’s not hard to fathom that, come the off-season, the Raptors will want Bosh out.

That’s not to say a trade’s afoot. But Colangelo has been a GM in a situation that wasn’t completely dissimilar a while back. In 2001 Jason Kidd, the Phoenix Suns’ best player, was arrested for assaulting his wife, which is not to compare the egregiousness of alleged domestic transgressions, only to suggest that a negative headline is a negative headline.

When Kidd was traded by Colangelo in the following off-season, he acknowledged that the arrest could have been a factor in the trade, and certainly it wouldn’t have been the only factor. But perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence that another Sun who brought the franchise into disrepute that year, Cliff Robinson, who was charged with marijuana possession and driving under the influence, was also shipped out in the off-season.


This entry is what appeared in this corner of the blogosphere on Wed, April 30, 2008:

Of scorpions, frogs, GMs & coaches

It’s suggested here & now that you take the time to read it again carefully and click on each of the separate links contained therein.

The FACT IS … Sam Mitchell was eventually relieved of his duties, as head coach for the Toronto Raptors, on Dec 3, 2009, 17 games into the current season, the first day that the team’s W-L record slipped below the .500 mark [8-9]. 

As Jeff Van Gundy stated succinctly, on Sunday, April 27, 2008, and yours truly happens to believe whole-heartedly, in this world,

“You are who you are.”

… something which is illustrated precisely in the ancient parable of The Scorpion and The Frog, in conjunction, perhaps, with the well-known idiom that states, “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”


As Mr. Feschuk’s article concludes, neither of the following two eventualities should now come as a surprise to astute observers of both the NBA and human nature.

“Trading all-stars for value is tricky, mind you (see: Carter, Vince). [OUTCOME #1] Surely this eventually blows over and Bosh makes it right. And maybe next season brings a fresh start with some new teammates, a new first-round draft pick, a clean slate. Or maybe [OUTCOME #2] Colangelo, surveying his club’s prospects and the way it’s perceived, recognizes it’s high time for somebody else to make an image-conscious exit, and pronto.”


Just when you thought this season couldn’t possibly get any worse, as a Raptors fan

Time to Rise and Shine

Suns’ Robinson arrested on DUI charge

Kidd pleads guilty to spousal abuse

History of the Phoenix Suns

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7 Responses to “Of scorpions, frogs, GMs & faces of the franchise”

  1. Swirsky's Soldier Says:

    Just as to Feschuk’s article..didn’t Kidd ask to be traded? or atleast hint that he wanted a change of scenery? I could be wrong on that but thats how I always understood it.

    Also using the Vince Carter trade as an example of getting poor value is not resonable. He STOPPED trying… said he didn’t want to try (in not so many words), and then told the world he wanted out of Toronto. How can you possibly get any value out of that? I will say it probably is tough to trade an All-Star and get the value FANS EXPECT in return. But we always value our players above what the rest of the league values them at.

    I personally don’t think trading Bosh would be the worst thing the Raps could do…..

  2. k Says:

    does your title have anything to do with “Of Mice & Men”? It’s a novel I read =)

  3. khandor Says:


    Welcome aboard!

    re: J-Kidd’s request for a trade from the Suns

    Not from what I can recall, nor been able to locate searching on-line.


    re: the Wince Carter’s trade

    The first mistake Rob Babcock made in dealing with VC was the hiring of a coach like Sam Mitchell.

    The last mistake Rob Babcock made in dealing with VC was in failing to defuse the Carter-Mitchell situation properly and not showing the type of panache it takes to wait out an otherwise sticky situation and make a deal which involves your best player only when the principals involved are tilted towards your team. This is how a top notch GM in the NBA works, IMO.


    re: the inaccurate perception of certain Raptors fans

    As is evident in the current “Chris Bosh-isn’t-good-enough-to-justify-a-max-contract” situation, it is not always the case that a franchise’s fans values the players on its own team above the remainder of the league.


    re: trading Chris Bosh

    Neither do I happen to think that the “trading of [Chris] Bosh would be the worst thing the Raps could do” … it just won’t solve their existing problems faster, or in a better way, compared to the trading of Andrea Bargnani, in my book, based on how the NBA game is actually played. :-)

  4. khandor Says:


    In a peripheral sense, I suppose … Yes, one could say that it is, in fact, connected to that great work of American literature.

    One of the things I enjoy most is drawing together seemingly disparate thoughts, ideas, images, etc., from a diversity of life experience to formulate a more wholistic understanding of exactly how something works to its maximum/optimum capacity.

    When it works … it’s a treat to create and, hopefully, for some others – with a similar sense of appreciation – to behold.

    Alas, when it falls someplace short of that … there is always this belief/hope to rest upon.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment here. :-)

  5. Raps Fan Says:

    whatever happens this summer, i hope bc doesn’t screw it up…i’m not very confident right now though.

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