Kevin Garnett should NOT be being playing right now for the Celtics

Just tuned in to this evening’s Boston/Orlando match-up …

Celtics 50, Magic 61 … at the 05:31 mark of the 3rd quarter

… and was absolutely shocked to see what was on the screen,

i.e. The Big Ticket, wearing a protective sleeve/brace on his injured right knee, limping, hobbling, basically immobile and, in general, dragging himself around the court, in a futile effort to propel the Celtics to a victory in this game.

After watching KG play on the weekend vs the Spurs … when he was not wearing this brace and was not hobbling and not hopping about in this way … this trained eye will say CATEGORICALLY that Kevin Garnett should NOT be allowed to play basketball right now, given the current state of his knee injury, as he is only doing further damage to himself and the Celtics’ long term hopes of repeating as NBA Champions this season.

Kevin Garnett is still injured … right now … and it’s amazing to these eyes that the Celtics are even allowing him to step on the court, at the present time, under these conditions.

Doc, Danny & Co. really NEED to get him off the court RIGHT NOW … if they  know what’s good for them and him, on a long term basis.


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