GAME REVIEW: RAPTORS vs Clippers [Mar 22]

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The only details you really need to know are these:

The Raptors Team Offense generated 98 possessions for their Opponent.

The Raptors Team Defense yielded only 76 points.

The Raptors Defensive Points Per Possession was 0.776.

The Raptors finished +23 in Rebounding Differential

The Raptors played without Andrea Bargnani … due to a bruised heel injury … for the first time this season.

The Raptors used Chris Bosh at the Center position … exclusively, for the first time this season … for a total of 32:36, while sitting out the entire 4th Quarter.


Despite the fact that there are only 12 games left in this Raptors’ season, and that this specific W came at the expense of a team like the Clippers, there were many instructive lessons on display in yesterday’s game for the Raptors’ President/GM, heading forward from here.

Hopefully, Bryan Colangelo was paying close attention. :-)


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10 Responses to “GAME REVIEW: RAPTORS vs Clippers [Mar 22]”

  1. Scott G Says:

    Stop posting revealing analysis like this — you’ll ruin Bargs’ trade value for the off-season!! ;)

  2. Mauro Says:

    Khandor, are you trying to demonstrate that IF next year we will play 82 time the Clipper with Cb4 as center we are going to be in the play off ?
    Nice, and I agree. But probably we will face, Philly and Dalembert will make the Nba record on block and dunks…

  3. Scott G Says:

    I think the point was more that Bargs’ presence hurts the team a LOT on the defensive end, since, among many other reasons, it forces CB4 to guard the opposing team’s PF.

  4. khandor Says:

    Scott G.,

    Thanks for your response to Mauro.

    In addition to what you said, it also gets a much better Rebounder on the floor, positioned closer to the basket, in comparison with Bargnani, when the Raptors use either Marion or Mensah-Bonsu, as their #4/PF with Bosh at Center … and, considering just how many mid-range jump-shots CB4 actually misses, that’s a crucial aspect of the game, re: the Raptors’ offensive efficiency and in terms of limiting their Opponent’s O-Rebs.

    As well, any time the Raptors spend fewer possessions taking the ball out of their own basket to start with … the easier it becomes to increase their own number of fastbreak opportunities, which are further enhanced with a Big Man combination of Bosh + Marion/Mensah-Bonsu on the floor together.



    I, too, appreciate a good sense of humour. :-)

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  6. Pizzaman Says:

    Do you ever wonder why you only get a handful of people respond to comments on your site? Maybe because you have no clue.

  7. khandor Says:


    Welcome aboard! :-)

    To address the specific question you asked …

    No, I do not wonder why my blog is IN FACT:

    * Frequented by thousands of people world-wide across the internet

    * Has its entries picked-up and linked to by a multitude of media sources, and

    * Draws highly reasonable comments from astutue individuals like Flux, Raps Fan, Scott G., Mauro, verbatim, etc. [i.e. countless others too numerable to mention], who enjoy talking about sports with someone like me and the others who chose to leave their thoughts and ideas in this space.

    Hopefully, it’s a resource these individuals benefit from and, perhaps, see in a slightly different light than other fan-based sites and blogs which do not specialize in providing expertise in an area like this.

    As I’ve been known to say from time to time,

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating.


    Keep On Truck’n ;-)

  8. Scott G Says:

    It is, and I, for one, do appreciate it immensely. To boot, I would add that the lack of excessive quantity of comments is NOT a bad thing at all. Quite the opposite in fact… when the number of comments increases, the quality tends to drop pretty dramatically. I can barely read the comments over at RR since they become personal wars of words between individual posters, rather than hoops commentary.

  9. khandor Says:

    Scott G.,

    Thanks, again.

    I, too, share that perspective on the nature of “comments” left on a specific web site or blog.

    Some of us prefer quality over quantity.
    Others have a preference for the reverse.
    Yet, others still, are most happy sampling a wee bit of each.

    Something which I have always found to be interesting in life is just how vociferous the voices can be of those who are seemingly pre-occupied with telling others in no uncertain terms to “take your ball and go home, because your kind isn’t welcome here, since you won’t play by our rules and you’re contaminating this space.”

    FACT IS … My experience tells me that … it’s the exact opposite, as it’s precisely this type of person who doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a full member of an elite level team in any capacity whatsoever.

    REAL Players appreciate straight talk.
    REAL Players value feedback.
    REAL Players learn to make accommodations for others with a certain specialty which few can provide.
    REAL Players respect each others differences.
    REAL Players perceive our similarities.
    REAL Players are NOT afraid of being WRONG or think that others are belittling them when they disagree with their persepctive.
    REAL Players are the sort I enjoy being around the most. :-)


    PS. And, usually it doesn’t take me very long to figure out who the REAL Players are.

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