Raptors hit rock bottom this season

FINAL SCORE: TORONTO 89, Charlotte 102
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Offensively, Andrea Bargnani played well; and, Chris Bosh was okay.

Defensively, Bosh was a non-factor … primarily because he was, once again, checking the #4/PF position [vs Boris Diaw], which he cannot do at a high level, especially with an injured right knee.

However, the 2 absolute worst Raptors last night, on this end of the floor, were Bargnani [from a Team D standpoint] and Shawn Marion [who was simply embarassed by Gerald Wallace, from an Individual D standpoint ... primarily because he was checking the #3/SF position, which he should no longer be asked to do at this stage of his career].

Jose Calderon was okay defensively, any time he did not have to work against a Pick situation WITH Bargnani as the Picker’s defender. In this specific situation the Raptors simply get destroyed … because of Bargnani’s inability to defend without [i] fouling or [ii] getting blown by or [iii] shot over, not because of Calderon’s inability to keep his own check in front of him.

Calderon was victimized on the defensive glass several times in the 2nd half primarily because the Raptors’ #5′s/#4′s/#3′s could not get the job done rebounding wise and Raymond Felton was able to out-quick him to loose balls in the mid-range area of the court.

On account of Bosh’s limited mobility these days [see the lingering effect of his knee injury], it’s also become quite an adventure every his check goes to set a Pick on Calderon, as Bosh simply doesn’t have the lateral agility right now it takes to defend properly vs this action.

When you’re playing with an injury, it is much easier to move semi-properly on offense, since you are the one initiating that action.

On defense, since you’re the one “reacting” instead, it’s a different situation altogether.

Forget about the Debacle in Denver.
Forget about the Mishap vs Milwaukee.
Forget about the shellacking last week at Charlotte.
Forget about all the other losses incurred so far this season.

At home, last night, in a game they ABSOLUTELY had to win to justify Bryan Colangelo’s FAITH in them, as a group of players WHO HE HAS SAID REPEATEDLY …

“Is the best he’s assembled thus far for the Raptors, on paper …”

this collection of players and coaches came up whoa nellie woefully short and was thoroughly embarassed at the ACC by the once-lowly Bobcats … who have successfully turned their franchise around this season and are now heading in the RIGHT direction under the tutelage of Larry Brown … as was suggested in the summer was going to happen for this team this season, in comparison with the Raptors.

Right now, heading toward the future, there is NO REASON whatsoever for anyone who is not named Bryan Colangelo to believe in earnest [and with a degree of basketball sophistication] that any of the following teams will finish below the Toronto Raptors in the 2009-2010 Eastern Conference regular season standings:

1 Cleveland
2 Boston
3 Orlando
4 Atlanta
5 Philadelphia
6 Miami
7 Detroit
8 Chicago
New Jersey
New York

None, whatsoever.




Fans at boiling point [The best and most thorough basketball article these eyes have read from Frank Zicarelli in a long time. Kudos to him!]

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4 Responses to “Raptors hit rock bottom this season”

  1. Bball Says:

    Khandor, I think you are only half right with respect to the defense played by Bosh and Bargnani. Bosh is the better team defender of the two but Bargnani is certainly the better man to man defender at his position. Bosh is a poorer man to man defender whether at the centre or PF position.

    Also, Bargnani has improved his defense this year by leaps and bounds from last year. There is every reason to believe that he will continue to improve his defense. The same can’t be said for Bosh who has improved many facets of his game over the years but has not significantly improved his defense.

  2. khandor Says:


    IMO …


    A – Individually

    vs Opponent #4/PF’s

    * Bosh is a poor match-up
    * Bargnani is a poor match-up

    vs Opponent #5/C’s

    * Bargnani is an average [and improving] match-up
    * Bosh is a good match-up

    B – Team D

    vs Opponent #4/PF’s

    * Bargnani is a bad match-up
    * Bosh is a bad match-up

    vs Opponent #5/C’s

    * Bargnani is a bad match-up
    * Bosh is a good match-up

    In general, being good at B is a lot more important to a successful team than being good at A.



    Bosh’s D will not improve as long as he is being played out of his best position;


    part of the reason Bargnani’s D has, in fact, improved this season is because he is finally being played at his best position.

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