Kudos to the Bobcats for resurrecting their once morbid franchise

“How to turn around the fortunes of your pro sports team”, NBA 101 Management Handbook, p. 23.


Make a legitimate run for the 8th playoff spot in the 2008-2009 season

Add Vladimir Radmanovic [Lakers] in exchange for Adam Morrison

Add DeSagana Diop [Mavs] in exchange for Ryan Hollins & Matt Carroll

Decide NOT to trade Raymond Felton [PG]

Add Raja Bell and Boris Diaw and Sean Singletary [Suns] in exchange for J-Rich & J-Dudley

Add Juwon Howard [as a veteran Big off the bench] from the scrap heap

Decide NOT to trade Sean May AND to sit him on the bench  

Add Cartier Martin [OG/SF] and Dontell Jefferson [OG] from the pool of undrafted players

Add DJ Augustin [as a solid PG] from the 2008 NBA Draft

Add Alexis Ajinca [as a long term project, C] from the 2008 NBA Draft

Decide NOT to trade Gerald Wallace [SF/PF]

Hire Larry Brown to coach your team AND empower him to make trades

Retain Nazr Mohammed [as a solid veteran Big off the bench]

Re-sign Emeka Okafor, your 2004 No. 2 [overall] Draft Pick, as an emotionally stable, hard-working Center, who can Rebound & Defend his position, when others suggested that he was a “bad” long term investment for your team

Hire the most reknowned former player in NBA history to oversee the operation of your franchise [i.e. you know who]


It’s not rocket science … and, your GM certainly doesn’t NEED to have been named a winner of the NBA’s Executive of the Year Award even one time, during his career to-date.

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3 Responses to “Kudos to the Bobcats for resurrecting their once morbid franchise”

  1. Raps Fan Says:

    lol good work yet again.

    couple points/questions:

    1) not trading sean may and sitting him on the bench – is this more about the cap space they wills ave once he comes off the books? or do you see something i don’t (i see more in some of the trash the raptors have).

    2) empower larry brown to make trades – wasn’t that what cost the knicks trevor ariza when brown went after steve francis?

    3) i’m not so impressed with mj’s work as a gm. he has made some of the worst trades/picks i can think of. i can see having him around for other reasons, but not his decision making abilities in terms of talent assessment. what do you see in him?

  2. Raps Fan Says:

    sorry, the lol was about nazr mohammed, he has been anything but solid during his NBA tenure…

  3. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    re: Sean May

    It takes a brave, and secure, and knowledgeable coach to plant a former Lottery Pick on his rear end, on the bench, until further notice. Giving May away would be easy. Keeping him and making him sit is the harder thing to do and the better way to proceed in this instance, for both Sean May and the Bobcats.


    re: Larry Brown’s tenure with the Knicks

    Two cooks spoil the broth … plain and simple.


    re: MJ at the head of the Bobcats operation

    The best things he’s done so far are:

    1. Hired Larry Brown; and,
    2. Stayed out of Larry Brown’s way.

    As a figure-head for the organization, it doesn’t get any better than that, if you’re the Charlotte Bobcats.


    re: Nazr

    He was never going to be a star in the NBA but when a player of his character and ability is coming off your team’s bench … or, even better still, isn’t coming off your bench much at all … then your squad has solid depth at the #4 & #5 spots.

    IMO, the man knows his role and plays within himself, at all times. Those are invaluable commodities in the NBA today.

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