When it looks too good to be true, all too frequently, it is

In advance of this evening’s RAPTORS/Pistons match-up …

Here’s a little Food For Thought tidbit, courtesy of a thread at the RaptorsRepublic.com, which is now the best “Dino’s fan site” available on-line, and linked with the TrueHoop Network: An ESPN Affiliate.

Enjoy! :-)


Rasheed to Drink Bosh’s Milkshake 
The Line

VegasInsider.com has the game as a “Pick to Pistons -1″.


Pistons, might be close, but a loss is a loss. Not even thinking of calling a Raptor win after what we saw against Philly…must have been high to make that pick…

Comment #3, by khandor [that's yours truly :-) ]

re: Comment #1.


THAT’S FREE MONEY….. – by Lock of the Week

Not that the Pistons aren’t the Right Way to go in this match-up, at that number, but those who might be so inclined to wager a share of their own hard-earned $$$ on the outcome of a professional sports event with a set margin margin of victory involved should always remember that …

When something looks too good to be true [in life], all too frequently, it is

with the actual/eventual outcome being “opposite” to what most would have expected, in advance.

Prime Example #1. “This is our best Raptors’ team put together yet, on paper.” – Bryan Colangelo

During the pre-season, The Prospective Total Season Wins for the Raptors this year was:

OVER 47.5/+100
UNDER 47.5/-116

Given the “look” of things back then … and “the noise” coming out of Raptorville,

“Where would YOUR $$$ have gone, at the time?”

[i.e. on the Over or the Under] 


Invest your $$$ sensibly, in a balanced way … and, when tough times hit, you should be able to ride them out, relatively pain-free, in comparison with those who are wreckless, and inappropriately over-emphasized in any one phase of the game, or the other, in a short term way, to their own detriment, on a long term basis.

There are three distinct phases to the game of basketball, i.e. Offense, Defense & Rebounding, and a High [Yield-?] End Team is capable of working all three in a productive way, when need be.

There are other attractive investment opportunities on the NBA dockett this evening, as well. Do not fixate on just this one, because it might “look too good to be true”.

Caveat Emptor!


PS. If you’d been fortunate enough to listen to a certain blogger … who is also a Raptors fan, amongst other things :-) … back in October, you would have known, at least, the following two things:

#1. The UNDER was the Right Way to go on the Raptors this season, at 47.5/-116;


#2. The LA Lakers, OVER 54.5/-126, was IN FACT the best bet on the board, in the NBA Futures, that day.

Enjoy this evening’s game against Detroit, one and all. :-)

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. – Anonymous

[There ain't nothing, in Life, more True than THAT!]

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