In Raptorville, something changed last night … and it wasn’t good

When you look at these 4 post-game interviews from last night’s Tor/PHI match-up …

it is plain to see that a different “attitude” has now settled in amongst the current group of Raptors, which no longer resembles the squad that functioned as a unit, through good times and in bad for Toronto, during the tenure of much-maligned former Head Coach, Sam Mitchell.

This corner is NOT suggesting that this “new” attitude has arisen recently as a by-product of Sam Mitchell’s dismissal, back in December, and/or the specific role Interim Head Coach, Jay Triano, has played since then.

On the contrary, actually.

According to these eyes … this “new” change is one which has only just come to light in the last few days, coinciding with:

* The team’s current 6-game losing streak
* It’s ever-dwindling hopes to make the playoffs
* The departures of Jermaine O’Neal [to Miami], Jamario Moon [to Miami], Will Solomon [to Sactown] and Nathan Jawai [to the NBDL]
* The arrivals of Shawn Marion [from Miami], Marcus Banks [from Miami] and Patrick O’Bryant [from Boston].

These are the remaining games on the Raptors’ regular season schedule:




 Feb 27

at Phoenix


 Mar 1

at Dallas


 Mar 3

at Houston


 Mar 6

vs Miami


 Mar 8

vs Utah


 Mar 11

at Philadelphia


 Mar 13

vs Detroit


 Mar 15

vs Indiana


 Mar 16

at Charlotte


 Mar 20

vs Charlotte


 Mar 22

vs LA Clippers


 Mar 25

vs Milwaukee


 Mar 27

vs Oklahoma City


 Mar 29

vs Chicago


 Apr 1

at Orlando


 Apr 4

at New York


 Apr 5

vs New York


 Apr 7

vs Atlanta


 Apr 8

at Indiana


 Apr 10

vs Washington


 Apr 12

vs Philadelphia


 Apr 13

at Washington


 Apr 15

at Chicago



Unless there’s a dramatic re-focus on what it means to be a REAL Team and what it takes to play together like a REAL Team should … i.e. With [i] Cohesive Team Defense, [ii] Shared Team Offense, and a [iii] Unified Battle On the Boards … there will not be many more W’s to be found this season in a toxic wasteland like the Raptors’ locker-room was last night.


FINAL SCORE: Tor 106, PHI 115
Complete Game Info


There were two dramatic change points in this game, from the Raptors’ perspective:

CHANGE POINT I – during the first 06:10 of the 2nd quarter

When the Raptors went from being tied on the scoreboard, 19-19, to being down by double-digits with the following 5-Man Units on the floor:

-5 = Ukic/PG + Kapono/OG + Graham/SF + Marion/PF + Bosh/C

= Ukic/PG-OG + Banks/OG-PG + Graham/SF + Marion/PF + Bosh/C

= Ukic/PG-OG + Banks/OG-PG + Parker/SF + Bosh/PF + Bargnani/C

CHANGE POINT II – from 07:03-04:41 of the 4th quarter

When the Raptors saw their comeback efforts completely nullified … as their opponents re-established their once 18-pt lead during this span, after seeing it cut to just 9-pts … with the following 5-Man Units on the floor together:

-3 = Ukic/PG + Graham/OG + Mensah-Bonsu/SF + Marion/PF + Bosh/C

-6 = Calderon/PG + Parker/OG + Marion/SF  + Bosh/PF + Bargnani/C


Bold – Player Subbed into the game; Italics – Player Shifted to a new position; - Solid Rebounder, at this position.

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5 Responses to “In Raptorville, something changed last night … and it wasn’t good”

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  2. FLUXLAND Says:


    surely you don’t believe the “new attitude” has only manifested itself over the last few days. Came to light, to some, perhaps. But to suggest this has not been going since, at the very least, December 2008 does not seem accurate IMO.

    This group has been playing without chemistry for a long long time, in these eyes, and I am having a hard time believing you believe the chemistry has gone sour during this week.

  3. FLUXLAND Says:

    * going on

  4. khandor Says:


    I didn’t say anything about a “lack of chemistry” with this team.

    IMO, the “attitude” which is coming to the surface now … during this 7-game losing streak … is in fact very different than the attitude which existed with this team from Dec 3 thru to the trade deadline [Feb 22].

    As I said prior to the announcement of the trades with Miami and the trade with Sacramento and the trade with Boston being announced, this was not what the Raptors should have done at this point in the current season, which has been a complete debacle.

    What the Raptors should have done, instead, to salvage this mess … was sit tight, bite the bullett, and stand pat until the coming off-season.

    Despite what others think they might have seen from Bosh & Calderon & Parker & Graham, since the beginning of the year, in terms of these players having “mailed it in” long ago or having “given up” on one another, IMO, this has not been the case at all and those observations are flat-out WRONG perceptions about what’s actually happened with the Raptors’ core players under the direction of Sam Mitchell and now Jay Triano.

    IMO, what has changed recently has arrived with the addition of:

    Shawn Marion
    Marcus Banks, and
    Patrick O’Bryant

    and the departures of:

    Jermaine O’Neal [to Miami]
    Jamario Moon [to Miami]
    Will Solomon [to Sactown], and
    Nathan Jawai [to the NBDL].

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