In whose shoes would you prefer to be?

Comparing the state of the Raptors’ franchise, at the moment, to that of the Miami Heat … their opponent this evening … is an interesting exercise.


In the 2003-2004 season, the Raptors finished 33-49/.402, 6th in the Central Division, missed the Playoffs, and secured the No. 4 [overall] Selection in the 2004 NBA Draft Lottery, Chris Bosh.

Since then, the team has:

Finished 33-49/.402, 4th in the Atlantic Division, missed the Playoffs, and secured the No. 8 [overall] Selection in the 2005 NBA Draft Lottery, Rafael Araujo

Finished 27-55/.329, 4th in the Atlantc Division, missed the Playoffs, and secured the No. 1 [overall] Selection in the 2006 NBA Draft Lottery, Andrea Bargnani

Finished 47-35/.573, 1st in the Atlantic Division, with a 1st Rd Playoff exit 

Finished 41-41/.500, 2nd in the Atlantic Division, with a 1st Rd Playoff exit

Is currently 23-39/.371, 5th in the Atlantic Division, and out of the Playoffs. Bryan Colangelo is the President/GM and Jay Triano is the Head Coach. This is their player roster.


In the 2003-2004 season, the Heat finished 42-40/.512, 2nd Atlantic Division, with a 2nd Rd Playoff exit, and selected Dwyane Wade with the No. 5 [overall] Selection in the 2004 NBA Draft Lottery.

Since then, the team has:

Finished 59-23/.720, 1st Southeast Division, lost Eastern Conference Final

Finished 52-30/.634, 1st Southeast Division … WON their 1st NBA Championship

Finished 44-38/.537, 1st Southeast Division, with a 1st Rd Playoff exit

Finished 15-67/.183, 5th Southeast Division, missed the Playoffs, secured the No. 2 [overall] Selection in the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery, Michael Beasley

Is currently 32-28/.533, 2nd Southeast Division, 5th in the Eastern Conference. Pat Riley is the President/GM and Eric Spoelstra is the Head Coach. This is their player roster.


Which of these two franchises is in the better position to move forward as an "upper echelon" team in the NBA?

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10 Responses to “In whose shoes would you prefer to be?”

  1. Tom Stanley Says:

    I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley

  2. khandor Says:

    Tom Stanley,

    Much appreciated. :-)

    Welcome aboard!

  3. jaz Says:

    WOW Way to ask the obvious question pal.

  4. khandor Says:


    Hmmm …

    Something tells me that the correct answer to that question might NOT be the one shared by the Raptors’ President/GM and the bulk of the team’s fanbase … who still perceive this year’s team to have been “the best Raptors’ squad assembled yet by Bryan Colangelo, on paper”.

    What you might “think” is sooo obvious still may not be an opinion shared by a lot of Raptors’ faithful … and a certain KEY person in the Raptors’ hierarchy.

    Then, again … I could always be wrong in this perception.

    Welcome aboard! :-)

  5. jaz Says:

    The Heat have a 1st ballot HOFamer whos a top 5(or 3) talent in the league. Riley ripped BC off in the trade and won titles while BC’s teams havent made past 1st round in (off the top of my head) 13 of 15 seasons.

    watch this video at 4:39 mark and youll see everything you need to know about the raps organization

    matter of fact watch the whole thing.

  6. jaz Says:

    I read on carefoots blog post-marion trade (i know u have two have beef and personally i dont agree with him on everything) and he said that even if oneal and moon didnt play for the next year n a half he still won the trade because he didnt have to resign marion to a deal post 2010, got a huge exp conttract at 2010 and got rid of banks’ contract. And on top of that he got a guaranteed 1st rounder!

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  9. khandor Says:


    That’s a terrific clip you’ve got right there, re: Vince Carter and the MAIN problem with the Raptors’ organization.

    Kevin O’Neill was/is a lot of different things but, IMO, being wrong is NOT one of them, re: the specific quote attributed to him in that video clip.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. khandor Says:



    re: Scott Carefoot

    1. It’s best to saying nothing at all if/when you have nothing good to say about someone one else.

    That said …

    2. I do not waste my time with those who do not tell the truth to others about me or what I’ve done.

    ii. There is no one banned from my blog, and everyone knows exactly where to reach me, if they have something to say about anything which I’ve written on-line.

    iii. Those who comment about me in other places without also visiting and contributing that comment to this blog are acting cowardly.

    There are a lot of people in this world who have their share of problems.

    Trust that I am not one of them.

    If Scott Carefoot is … that’s his concern, not mine.



    re: the recent Miami/Toronto trade

    IMO, Pat Riley got the better of Bryan Colangelo.

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