Good Moon Rising in South Beach

Tonight’s Raptors vs Heat match-up marks the occasion of Jermaine O’Neal and Jamario Moon’s first return to Toronto, since the deadline deal last month. While some [many?] NBA analysts chose to focus on the contribution’s principals like JO & Shawn Marion could possibly make to their new teams, according to these eyes, neither of these two players were IN FACT the key component to this specific transaction for either team.

The KEY COMPONENT in this specific trade was Jamario Moon.

The FACTS IS … this trade never happens AT ALL, if Jamario Moon is NOT included in the package, from the Heat’s point of view.

Is Jamario Moon some sort of All-Star player with a high degree of significance to his individual game?

Not by a long shot.

However …

If you look at Moon’s individual Game Log this season you should be able to see for yourself just how well he’s played from a purely “Game Stat” perspective, and will note:

a. How well Miami has played in their games where they’ve given Jamario more than 04:59 of PT [i.e. 4-3/.571, which is actually an improvement on their overall W-L rec'd];

b. That the losses to Atlanta and Orlando have been on the road; and,

c. That their loss to Cleveland is recognized as an anomolous occurence in the NBA where a good team [32-28/.533] coughs up a gargantuan lead at home [i.e. ahead by 15 pts or so with under 5 minutes to play, I think] by failing to make a single shot in those last 5 minutes, despite playing well enough to win for the first 43.

The FACT IS … Jamario Moon is a highly serviceable [and, as a result, extremely valuable] NBA player who is versatile enough to play four [4] positions, in an adequate way, and is an exceptionally cost-effective investment for his team.

[i.e. the exact kind of multi-dimensional Wing Player who is NEEDED by the Raptors RIGHT NOW, to go with a #4/PF like Shawn Marion; and, a very useful running mate for a dynamo like Miami's Dwyane Wade]

Whether most Raptors fans acknowledge THIS or not is irrelevant.

Those who do not are simply WRONG. :-)


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3 Responses to “Good Moon Rising in South Beach”

  1. verbatim Says:

    On RR, I defended Moon much against the anti-Moon tide on that site.

    For his salary, I believe that he is a very good player. He fills in bench roles admirably, and his low salary meant that money could be spent elsewhere. Fans ridiculed him, but it was the team’s deficiency on the wings that meant he played starter’s minutes, and closed out games for us.

    I do believe, however, that JO was the primary reason for the trade, not Moon. Moon was someone that the Heat wanted to fill the gap on the wing left by the absence of Marion. For the price tag, Moon was perfect. Riley is a firm believer that playoffs require big men who can grind it out. While O’Neal is no longer among the best, he will undoubtedly provide them with some toughness come playoff time, that Riley wanted. O’Neal’s role is more clearly defined, because he does not have Chris Bosh essentially being his better double.
    - – - -
    I feel like BC got fleeced on this transaction, because he had to let go of Moon, and pick up Banks, while Riley got the post-presence he wanted, the bench winger needed at the best price tag you can find in the NBA, and got rid of a bad contract.

    I am glad somebody, other than myself, misses Jamario, and believes that if we could have played him off the bench, our team would have been much better than they currently are.

  2. khandor Says:


    Do you realize that Jamario [#3-2] is now starting for the Heat?

    In the “classic” understanding of the NBA game, there can even be a solid case made that, IN FACT, Jamario is now playing as the Starting “Off Guard” for the Miami Heat, as:

    Chalmers, runs the Point for them

    Moon, rarely drives to the basket and, instead, shoots a fair number of J’s

    Wade, is one of the best and most explosive slashers/drivers in the game today, and a prototypical #3 [despite being slightly under-sized for this specific position by NBA Standards]

    Haslem, is their multi-dimensional INTERIOR “glue-guy” who can board with the best of them and still make mid-range jumpshots

    O’Neal, is their Man-in-the-Middle, anchoring their Rebounding, Defense and provinding their squad with Low Post Scoring … when he’s healthy enough to play! ;-)

    IMO, your take on J-Moon is much more accurate than other Raptors fans who grew increasingly disgruntled with his play in Toronto this season.


    PS. It was actually comical to me that so few people in the Raptors basketball community had the Basketball Acumen to SEE accurately for themselves that Jamario Moon does IN FACT have the capacity to play the OG position in the NBA, in the right type of situation … e.g. what exists in Miami right now, as well as what’s existed in Toronto since the beginning of the 2008-2009 season.

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