You make the call: David Lee or Andrea Bargnani, as your Center?

Today’s question comes courtesy of “John Palandra” [a comment contributor at From Deep].

Based on talent and productivity at the Center position … and, assuming for a moment that the Collective Bargaining Agreement [CBA] would actually allow the deal to go through, which it would NOT, in real life …

If you were Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni, and NBA Trade Rules allowed you to ... Would you trade David Lee, straight-up, for Andrea Bargnani?

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According to John P:

David Lee [6-9, 240, drafted by the Knicks, No. 30, overall, in 2005; $1.8 M, 1 yr] is not an example of a Less-than Top Tier Center in the NBA today who 

Andrea Bargnani [7-0, 250, drafted by the Raptors, No 1, overall, in 2006; $5.2 M, 2 yrs] would struggle to match-up with on an everyday basis, given their specific skill sets and assorted other personal attributes.

This is a perspective which is not shared by yours truly.

According to this corner David Lee is:

* A PLUS [+] Defensive Player [both Team and Individually]
* A PLUS [+] Rebounder
* An EVEN [0] Offensive Player

if/when he’s matched-up against Il Mago.

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12 Responses to “You make the call: David Lee or Andrea Bargnani, as your Center?”

  1. ChrisR Says:

    I say cross your fingers and sign Lee to an offer sheet, if he bites, you can then dangle Bosh.

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  3. Raps Fan Says:

    i agree chris, i would love to see lee in a raptor uniform. if the knicks are serious about signing lebron and another, they have to get rid of jeffries contract, which will be tough. if someone ponies up big bucks for lee, even if they get rid of jeffries, they probably wont be able to sign two premiere free agents next season

  4. Raps Fan Says:

    khan, i wouldn’t make that kind of trade, but i also wouldn’t build an offensive oriented team (run and gun). however, with that said, don’t you think bargnani would excel in the 7 seconds or less system d’antoni runs?

  5. anon Says:

    i’d rather trade bosh to the knicks for david lee, plus maybe nate, and a filler. since bosh is a soon to be free-agent and he is one of the knicks targets in 2010 other than lebron. plus bargs is becoming like bosh offensively minus the consistent 3point shot. david lee can be the guy to help and relieve bargs of the burden in the inside and in rebounding, kinda like how oakley was.

  6. verbatim Says:

    i love david lee’s game. i think that he is redundant, however, with Bosh around and they would get in each other’s way in the lane. I like the set up of having a big back-to the basket kind of guy when paired up with a face up player like Bosh or Bargnani.

    It is for the reason that Bosh and Bargnani are not post-up players, that I am hesitant to say they will succeed together in the future.

  7. yertu damkule Says:

    lee, overall, is an overrated defender. excellent rebounder, and deceptively adept scorer, but his D, as a 5, isn’t any better than bargs.

    i thought bosh was your ideal 5? if the deal is bargs for lee, with the intent of putting lee at the 5, doesn’t that fly in the face of your plan? lee/bosh would be one of the quickest 4/5 combos, but also one of the smallest – and against bigger frontcourts, potentially one of the worst defensive pairings.

  8. khandor Says:

    It seems to me as though some people really do need to take more time reading what the actual question says.

    The question asked is NOT whether or not the Raptors should be interested in making a straight-up trade with the Knicks, i.e. Andrea Bargnani in exchange for David Lee.

    The question asked is whether the KNICKS should be interested in making this exact deal with the Raptors?

    There’s a major difference there. :-)

    What we’re seeking to obtain from this specific exercise … is to determine whether or not a GM like Donnie Walsh and a head coach [and former GM] like Mike D’Antoni might BELIEVE that Andrea Bargnani [No. 1, Overall, Selection in the 2006 NBA Draft Lottery] is a superior Center to a “less-than-Top-Flight” player like David Lee [No. 30, overall, Selection in the 2005 NBA Draft Lottery].


    When I read the actual question in the Poll over again, I’m still not sure exactly why others seem to have misinterpreted what it says there, in the first place. :-;

    i.e. How David Lee would fit in with this Raptors’ team [or not] is irrelevant to this specific question. :-)

  9. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    No, I don’t think Bargnani would excel in the SSOL system at all.

    That specific system … the way D’Antoni runs it, in the NBA … NEEDS the Center to be agile, strong, athletic and a strong finisher around the rim [e.g. like Amare Stoudemire and David Lee :-) ]. If that player is also a terrific Rebounder, then what you’ve got there is a PERENNIAL All-Star, in the NBA.

    IMO, Bargnani does not fit that bill. :-(

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  11. ryan Says:

    Lee is the epitome of versatile. He can adapt to anything.

    You know what Lee will give you, you know.

  12. khandor Says:


    I agree … versatility is one of David Lee’s strengths as a NBA player.

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