Who’s responsible for Luis Scola in this picture?

What's wrong with the Raptors

In a NBA game there are 10 players on the court at any given point in time.

5 players for each team.

In this picture …

* How many Raptors’ players do you see?

* How many Rockets’ players do you see?

Based on where the 4 visible Rockets’ players are located and the 4 visible Raptors’ players …

* Where do you suppose the 5th Rockets’ player is located?

* Where do you suppose the 5th Raptors’ player is located?


* Which Raptors’ player do YOU think was actually responsible for checking Mr. Scola?


Those in Raptorville who are focusing their attention exclusively on the improved Offensive production of Andrea Bargnani, since he’s become the Starting Center for this team, and his elevated Shot-blocking and Rebounding totals, are simply missing the boat … when it comes to assessing the Raptors’ 15-30 W-L record, in the aftermath of Sam Mitchell’s firing, understanding How the NBA Game Actually Works, and the Spheres of Responsibility for players like Il Mago, Jason Kapono, Anthony Parker, Roko Ukic, Jake VoskuhlMarcus Banks and Nathan Jawai, at the positions they’re playing for this team.


In the picture above …

* Chris Bosh or Shawn Marion [as the 5th Raptors' player on the floor] was most likely checking Yao Ming, in a Ball Side Fronting position [on the Left Block]

* Anthony Parker was most likely checking the 5th Rockets’ player who was located in the Right Corner position

* Jose Calderon was most likely checking the Rockets’ player whose shadow you can see standing in the Left Free Throw Line Extended [L-FTLX] position

* Unidentified Raptor Player X was most likely checking the Rockets’ player whose right leg you can see standing in the R-FTLX position

… which means that

* Andrea Bargnani was most likely responsible for checking Luis Scola, at this specific point during this Rockets’ possession


In all likelihood, the Raptors will eventually need to trade one of Chris Bosh or Andrea Bargnani to address effectively what’s wrong with their current team, at least, from a personnel standpoint … given the other mistakes in judgment which they’ve made regarding certain players on their roster in recent years.

Hopefully, this time, they decide to trade the RIGHT ONE.



Btw … these are the gory details:

FINAL SCORE: Raptors 97, ROCKETS 107
Complete Game Info

if you’re still the least bit interested in the EC’s 14th place team.

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15 Responses to “Who’s responsible for Luis Scola in this picture?”

  1. pecostuhermana Says:

    Are you kidding or are you serious? From a picture? Hahahah, you ain’t real man…
    Anybody could see that the prob with the Raps is:

    - the point guards
    - the bench depth

    Get real dude

  2. yertu damkule Says:

    yeah, i’d guess it was bargs on that one, though i can’t remember it well enough to know for sure. it positively could not have been bosh, though. it wasn’t bosh getting schooled by scola in the blocks, either, on multiple occasions last night. scola’s a beast, he commands a double, you can’t expect bosh to be able to handle a monster like scola all by his lonesome.

    btw – where’s the pic of barg’s rejecting yao?

    talk about picking your battles…yeesh.

  3. khandor Says:


    Welcome aboard! :-)

    The bench is a major problem, no doubt … especially when AP isn’t playing in the Back-up PG role and Bargnani is starting.

    When your team has FINESSE “cornerstone” players like Bosh & Calderon it cannot afford to give major PT to the likes of Bargnani, Kapono and Ukic … none of whom is a solid Rebounder at the position he plays … at least, not if it also wants to amass 50 Wins during the regular season.

    Bargnani is consistently beaten down the floor by his individual check in Defensive Transition situations and in the Half-court is personally responsible for a high percentage of the Raptors Team Defensive Breakdowns.

  4. yertu damkule Says:

    oh, i get it. everyone loves bargs (again?), so you’re going to be the ‘voice of reason’ & remind everyone how much he really, truly, actually stinks, and is the reason the raps stink.

    if plus/minus is such a big deal when breaking down kapono’s impact, why no mention of the fact that there was a 24 point differential b/w bargs & bosh?

    so clever. so fresh. so very refreshing.

    can you also break down bosh’s D over the last few games? since, y’know, he’s a high-end defender/rebounder, as an under-sized 5, in the mold of russell.

  5. khandor Says:

    yertu damkule,

    Welcome aboard! :-)

    Bosh gets schooled by Scola, in part, because Luis is a Top Notch Power Forward in this League.

    When Bosh has to guard that specific spot, in general, he is not capable of dominating the other Top PF’s in the game … and usually plays them to a standoff [i.e. in terms of Off, Def & Rebs].

    Conversely … when Bosh gets to guard the Center spot, he is plenty capable of playing the Best Big Men in the game today to a standoff, and dominating the majority of the other players [i.e. in terms of Off, Def & Rebs].

    Yao Ming is exactly the type of power-based Center that Andrea Bargnani NEEDS to play against in order to succeed in a big way at this level of competition. Bargnani’s defensive problems come to light not when he’s forced to cover smaller Centers and PF’s just like Luis Scola.

    If Bargnani makes the isolated good play on Defense, it doesn’t nullify the numerous poor plays he also makes in this phase of the NBA game.

  6. khandor Says:


    oh, i get it. everyone loves bargs (again?), so you’re going to be the ‘voice of reason’ & remind everyone how much he really, truly, actually stinks, and is the reason the raps stink.

    Although this might well be how YOU work from time to time, as the contrarian, it is not my M.O. :-)

    if plus/minus is such a big deal when breaking down kapono’s impact, why no mention of the fact that there was a 24 point differential b/w bargs & bosh?

    I chose not to do a Substitution Chart for last night’s game. Please feel free to make your own however. Here’s all you need. It’s not difficult at all. :-)

    Without the knowing the details myself, I’d suggest that Kapono played the majority of his minutes last night alongside of Bosh, and not Bargnani, which may account for the large disparity in +/- between CB4 & Il Mago. Do the research and then let me know what you find. :-) Perhaps we can then refer to it as the Kapono Effect [in honour of it's founder, Scott G., who is hopefully laughing right along with me].

    so clever. so fresh. so very refreshing.

    That might actually be best identified as this, instead. Although one of my ancestors was born in the Emerald Isle, and perhaps my talents in this regard comes from there.

    can you also break down bosh’s D over the last few games? since, y’know, he’s a high-end defender/rebounder, as an under-sized 5, in the mold of russell.

    As I said above, I chose not to do a Substitution Chart for last night’s game, but if you look around the blog you should be able to see just how much more effective the team has been recently with the combination of …

    Bosh/C + Marion/PF + Graham/SF

    on the floor together, in comparison with using CB4 at the PF position, even though it’s only been for a relatively short period of time.

    [Hint: Have a look at the charts in the different POST [Game] MORTEMS :-) ]

    If/when Bosh returns to playing the #5/C spot for the Raptors on a regular/exclusive basis, only then will you begin to see the old Chris Bosh re-appear … i.e. the one who bore a striking resemblance to a young Bill Russell, on occasion, while toiling on behalf of Sam Mitchell. :-)

  7. James Says:

    The Raps should definitely make their decisions based on a snapshot and conjecture as to who is the 5th Raptor.

  8. Raps Fan Says:

    lol @ the kapono effect, that’s gold khan

  9. Scott G Says:

    I second that, and was indeed laughing. The dude stinks, no matter how many jumpers he hits.

    Why is it that we had to pay him 6M per and the Spurs somehow only pay RMJ 3M per? I remember when he was signed BC saying something about him being a player the raps really targeted (seemed to be an explanation for the generous deal)… sigh…

    As for the comparison to Russell, I’m not sure I understand it. Maybe I’m too young to have watched Russell in his hey-day, but every time I see him on film he seems about 5″ bigger than anyone else in the picture, and about 5x more athletic. Bosh does not enjoy either of those advantages in the current NBA. What, other than Bosh’s lack of girth, leads you to make that comparison?

  10. khandor Says:

    Scott G.,

    Admittedly … the comparison with The Great Man, Himself has an aspect of hyperbole to it. :-)

    That said …

    * When I’m talking about the way Mr. Russell played the game it isn’t really in comparison with the other “average” Centers who played in those days … many of whom were shorter than Bill and less athletic … it’s in comparison and the great Wilt Chamberlain, who was neither shorter nor less athletic than Mr. Russell.

    It’s the way in which Bill Russell was able to compete effectively against and IN FACT dominate the great “Wilt the Stilt” [i.e. he of the 400+ "30-Pts-and-20 Rebs" games] that bears value and resemblance to the way in which Chris can IN FACT compete successfully at the Center position in the modern game against behemoths like Shaq, D12 and Yao … at least, if he’s coached, taught and allowed to play the game the way it needs to be played when your an under-sized [6-10, 220], quick, left-handed, lithe, agile, strong, SMART, CREATIVE, IMAGINATIVE, FUNNY, Bed-rock EMOTIONALLY STABLE kind of player like Bill Russell and Chris Bosh, whose principle FOCUS should never ever be on scoring the ball, individually, BUT RATHER:


    #2. Team Defense [e.g. Shot-blocking, Help, etc.]; and,

    #3. Shared Team Offense [e.g. Keying the Fastbreak, Passing, Picking, Screening, etc.].

    When a player with the traits of someone like Bill Russell, Lew Alcindor [Kareem Abdul-Jabbar], Willis Reed, Dave Cowens, Bill Walton, Alvin Adams, and Jack Sikma does THAT … then amazing things are possible on a basketball court, in the NBA game.

    That’s the comparison which I’m making with Chris Bosh.

    Sadly … given what’s happened now over the course of Chris’ first several seasons in the NBA, the chances of him ever reaching the heights attained by those other pivot men, is growing slimmer by the day and IN FACT may no longer be reachable at all for him.

    How a player is coached/managed early in his career, should he be so fortunate as to play for a practicioner who REALLY knows what he’s doing … e.g. someone like Red Auerbach or Red Holtzman or Larry Costello or Bill Sharman or Tommy Heinsohn or John McLeod or Dr. Jack Ramsay or Lenny Wilkens … is absolutely crucial to the way in which that player is going to develop and the position he is going to excel at or not during his life in the NBA.

    IMO, Chris Bosh was a terrific #5/C with the capacity for greatness when he first came into the League, and it’s truly been unfortunate to see what’s developed for him with the Toronto Raptors since then.

  11. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan & Scott G.,

    Do you think the Kapono Effect has a chance to spread? :-)

    Perhaps, I should think about trademarking it? ;-) LOL

  12. Scott G Says:

    I would love to see some sort of detailed analysis about how much worse our team becomes when he’s on the floor. Of course, I’m counting on you for the legwork on that… ;)

  13. khandor Says:

    Scott G.,

    That will need to wait for another day … well in the future, perhaps … when I have a lot of free time on my hands and little else to do, unfortunately, which is not the case at the moment.

    All the best to you, and much thanks for your comments. :-)

  14. khandor Says:

    Sorry … just wrote this on RR:

    If the Raptors stick with the following 7-Man Rotation, exclusively:

    PG – Calderon/1 or Parker/2
    OG – Parker or Graham/3
    SF – Graham or Marion/4
    PF – Marion or Mensah-Bonsu/5
    C – Bosh/6 or Bargnani/7

    they can succeed and make these last 19 games very interesting. ;-)

  15. Scott G Says:

    I know, I wasn’t expecting instant gratification! LOL Surprisingly, we all have other things going on in our lives ;)

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