Pushing the wrong buttons at the wrong time

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It is comical to read that many observers in Raptorville actually believe that Jamario Moon was the main reason the Raptors lost this game yesterday and that what Chris Bosh did at the 01:33 mark of the 4th quarter was, in fact, what his team needed from him, at that point, in this contest.


Ukic Turnover:Traveling (4 TO) 5:08  
Moon Foul:Shooting (3 PF) 4:50  
  4:50 Smith Free Throw 1 of 2 missed
  4:50 Team Rebound
  4:50 Smith Free Throw 2 of 2 missed
Bosh Rebound (Off:5 Def:8) 4:49  
Moon 3pt Shot: Made (9 PTS)
Assist: Parker (8 AST)
[TOR 78-78]
  4:14 Murray Running Dunk Shot: Missed
Parker Rebound (Off:1 Def:7) 4:12  
Bosh Jump Shot: Made (20 PTS)
Assist: Parker (9 AST)
[TOR 80-78]
  3:43 Murray 3pt Shot: Missed
  3:40 Evans Rebound (Off:1 Def:2)
[ATL 80-80]
Evans Putback Layup Shot: Made (2 PTS)
Bargnani 3pt Shot: Missed 3:18  
Moon Rebound (Off:1 Def:3) 3:16  
Ukic 3pt Shot: Missed 3:03  
Bargnani Rebound (Off:3 Def:7) 3:01  
Bosh Driving Layup Shot: Made (22 PTS) 2:55
[TOR 82-80]
[ATL 82-82]
Johnson Fade Away Jumper Shot: Made (25 PTS)
Parker Jump Shot: Made (12 PTS) 2:23
[TOR 84-82]
  2:09 Bibby 3pt Shot: Missed
Moon Rebound (Off:1 Def:4) 2:07  
Ukic Turnover:Out of Bounds Lost Ball Turnover (5 TO) 1:46  
  1:46 Team Timeout:Regular
Ukic Substitution replaced by Graham 1:46  
Moon Foul:Shooting (4 PF) 1:33  
[ATL 83-84]
Johnson Free Throw 1 of 2 (26 PTS)
  1:33 Johnson Free Throw 2 of 2 missed
Parker Rebound (Off:1 Def:8) 1:31  
Graham Jump Shot: Missed 1:16  
  1:15 Smith Rebound (Off:2 Def:11)
Moon Foul:Shooting (5 PF) 0:54  
[ATL 84-84]
Bibby Free Throw 1 of 2 (22 PTS)
[ATL 85-84]
Bibby Free Throw 2 of 2 (23 PTS)
Team Timeout:Regular 0:54  
Graham Substitution replaced by Kapono 0:54  
Bosh Turnover:Lost Ball (2 TO) Steal:Smith (2 ST) 0:50  
  0:43 Evans Layup Shot: Missed
Bosh Rebound (Off:5 Def:9) 0:41  
Moon 3pt Shot: Missed 0:35  
  0:34 Johnson Rebound (Off:0 Def:6)
[ATL 87-84]
Johnson Fade Away Jumper Shot: Made (28 PTS)
Team Timeout:Short 0:12  
Kapono 3pt Shot: Missed 0:02  
  0:01 Smith Rebound (Off:2 Def:12)
End of 4th Quarter


Yours truly is appreciative of Chris Bosh, as the Captain of this team … but, in this specific instance, what he did at that moment in time was the exact opposite of what was needed by his teammates and specifically a player like Jamario Moon.

What exactly happened at the 01:33 mark of the final quarter?

Joe Johnson beat Jamario Moon off the bounce, from the top of the key [TOTK] for a driving layup, straight down the middle of the lane. On his made field goal attempt, however, Johnson was fouled by Moon. Chris Bosh came off his own check to provide late help at the rim for Moon. After the bodies unpiled off the ground, Bosh tore a strip off his teammate for his inability to prevent a direct drive to the basket by Johnson, putting the responsibility for this made basket by the Hawks best player squarely on the shoulders of his beaten Raptors’ teammate.

If you watch the videotape of Moon’s reaction to the calling out he received from Bosh you will see that he was completely stunned and upset to be singled out in this way, by his Captain, at this point in the game.

The score was Tor 84, ATL 83 … and Toronto then possession of the ball.

* Joey Graham subbed in for Roko Ukic, meaning that the Raptors best available 5-Man Unit of Parker/PG, Graham/W, Moon/W, Bargnani/B & Bosh/B were on the floor together for the final minute and half of the game.

Possession #1
Bosh set an Angle Pick for Parker [Left-TOTK]. Parker drove left [vs Flip Murray] and passed off to Graham [Left-Corner]. Graham drove the left baseline [vs Evans & Smith] and took a contested jumpshot which missed with 9 seconds remaining on the shot clock [01:18]. Smith collected the defensive rebound.

Possession A
Smith passed to Johnson in the Hawks’ back-court. Johnson dribbled into the front-court and tried to iso vs Parker [Left-Wing]. Bargnani provided backside help to deter Johnson’s drive. Johnson drove left regardless and was soft double-teamed by Parker & Bargnani. Johnson passed out of the double-team to Bibby [Left-TOTK]. Bibby shot-faked and was fouled by Moon. Bibby Made 2 FT’s … Tor 84, ATL 85 [00:54.4]. Raptors’ Time-Out [Full].

Possession #2
Kapono subbed in for Graham. Kapono inbounded the ball [Left-Sideline] and passed directly to Bosh [Left-TOTK/vs Josh Smith]. Bosh tried to swept right and drive by Smith into the lane. Smith deflected the ball off Bosh’s knee and it went to Johnson with 22 seconds on the shot clock. Turnover, Chris Bosh [00:52.7].

Possession B
Atlanta attacked in transition [Johnson vs Bargnani]. Johnson passed to Smith [Left-Wing, vs Parker]. Smith drove into the lane and passed to Maurice Evans [Left-Block]. Evans attempted a wild driving, twisting layup vs the 4 Raptors [i.e. Parker, Bosh, Bargnani & Moon] who were back standing under the basket, with 19 seconds remaining on the shot clock [00:45.2]. Bosh collected the defensive rebound.

Possession #3 
Bosh made an outlet pass to Parker. Parker attacked in transition [vs Flip Murray, Right-Elbow]. Evans recovered to Parker [Right-TOTK]. Parker passed to Moon [Right-Free Throw Line Extended/FTLX], who was unchecked in transition. Moon attempted a 3PT-shot with 20 seconds remaining on the shot clock [00:38.6], in a two for one situation, down by 1 point. Murray closed out vs Moon. Moon’s 3-ball missed. Johnson tipped the defensive rebound to Bibby. Raptors’ game announcers – Matt Devlin & Leo Rautins [TV] and Eric Smith & Paul Jones [Radio] – castigated Moon for shooting THAT shot at that point in the game.

Possession C
In the Hawks’ back-court, Bibby passed Murray & Murray passed to Johnson. Johnson [vs Moon] dribbled into the front-court. Johnson passed to Bibby [Left-Hash Mark/vs Parker]. Johnson [vs Moon] set a High Middle Pick for Bibby [vs Parker]. Parker & Moon Switched. Johnson iso’d vs Parker [Left-Elbow] and took a tough 18 foot pull-up jump shot that was heavily contested by both Parker & Moon [helping off Bibby/TOTK]. Johnson Made the jump shot with 2 seconds remaining on the shot clock [00:12.5]. Tor 84, ATL 87. Raptors’ Time-Out [20]. Toronto & Atlanta each with 1 Time-Out [20] left.

Possession #4
Kapono [Left-Sideline/vs Flip Murray] inbounded the ball to Parker [TOTK/vs Maurice Evans]. Kapono cut baseline off Staggered Lane Screens by Bosh [1st/vs Smith] and Bargnani [2nd/vs Johnson] and curled out to receive the pass [Right-FTLX] from Parker. Murray went Over the 1st Screen and Locked & Trailed on the 2nd Screen. Kapono caught the pass cleanly and elavated for his 3PT jump shot. Johnson [helping off Bargnani] rotated out to contest Kapono’s jump shot. Bargnani stepped to the Left-Corner. Kapono tried to pass in mid-air to Bargnani but the jump-pass was deflected by Johnson [00:08.0]. Murray bobbled the loose ball. Bargnani bobbled the loose ball. Kapono collected the loose ball and took a 3PT-shot [Right-Sideline/vs Murray] that missed [00.04.5]. Smith collected the defensive rebound [00:02.8].

Possession D
Smith passed ahead to Johnson in the Hawks front-court [00:00.0]. End of Game.


As a Team Leader …

What Chris Bosh NEEDED to do instead, at that moment in time, with the game on the line, was encourage his teammates NOT admonish them.

See the Full Play-By-Play [above] to compare the way Bosh and Moon played from 05:00-01:33 of the 4th quarter.

Admonishing teammates with 01:33 remaining in a 1 point ball-game usually leads to further execution errors, by both parties, not less … which is precisely what happened in this instance.

Hopefully, as Chris Bosh continues to mature, in this regard … as a person, player and a Leader … he will better realize the error of his ways.

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